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ABC-M Landscapes

19/06/2018 |

Darrell Mann

In Case Study: B2B Intangibles, we introduced the idea that, when it comes to the intangible aspects of any innovation attempt, the main success criteria involved making our ABC-M (Autonomy-Belonging-Competence-Meaning) tetrad ‘get better for each stakeholder at each … Read More

First Principles First

17/06/2018 |

Darrell Mann

“As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to … Read More

Hurricanes, Pop-Tarts & Optimization Versus Innovation

14/06/2018 |

Darrell Mann

“HURRICANE FRANCES was on its way, barreling across the Caribbean, threatening a direct hit on Florida’s Atlantic coast. Residents made for higher ground, but far away, in Bentonville, Ark., executives at Wal-Mart Stores decided … Read More

Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There

12/06/2018 |

Darrell Mann

These days, I fairly frequently end innovation workshops by heading back into the generic world of Continuous Improvement and the specific world of the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle. My aim being to compare the original theory – that each of … Read More

Generational Cycles – Imagine

10/06/2018 |

Darrell Mann

Let’s play Spot The Baby-Boomer. Specifically those born in the ‘cusper’ period between 1961 and 1964. Some fell on the Boomer side of the fence, some ended up Xers. One way to spot the difference is look to … Read More

Patent of the Month – Nanowire Motor

08/06/2018 |

Darrell Mann

We delve down into the micro-scale world for our patent of the month this month, and another lovely looking patent from the University of California, this time in San Diego. US 9,698,708 was granted on Independence Day. The … Read More

Does Innovation Capability Improvement Make Sense?

07/06/2018 |

Darrell Mann

Here’s the kind of innovation data guaranteed to make me smile:

Figure 1: Data And Crackpot Rigour (Reference 1)

Not so much because of the original intent – which was, I think, to establish possible correlation … Read More

Evaluation principles of innovative products based on TRIZ algorithm

06/06/2018 |

XIAO-DONG REN, HUI-MIN LI, YONG-MING LU,YAN-CHI WANG Engineering Practice Center ,University of Tongji,China


As a systematic method of innovation, Triz speeds up the process of people’s invention greatly and can obtain high quality innovative products. But it has’t … Read More

Case Study: Of David’s And Goliath’s

05/06/2018 |

Darrell Mann

This is a true case study relayed to me at a recent workshop.

TRIZ/SI was not explicitly used during the definition or solution of the problem.

Rather, the case study is intended as an illustration of how Systematic … Read More

Case Study: Nationalisation Versus Privatisation

03/06/2018 |

Darrell Mann

Politics depresses me. For the most part I try and stay away. I blame TRIZ. Or possibly Edward de Bono. Or possibly Socrates. He was the one that forced politicians into thinking the world had to be either … Read More

Biology – Cuckoo Eggs

31/05/2018 |

Darrell Mann

The main attribute of the cuckoo is that it lays its eggs in other birds’ nests in order that other birds raise their offspring for them. We’ve mentioned this story in Issue 147 of the ezine. What we … Read More

Case Study: The Italian Job

29/05/2018 |

Darrell Mann

The Italian Job is a 1969 British caper film, written by Troy Kennedy Martin, produced by Michael Deeley and directed by Peter Collinson. For Brits of a certain age, it has become a cultural icon. In 2004, the … Read More

# Landscapes

27/05/2018 |

Darrell Mann

A few months ago we introduced the concept of #-shaped people (Issue 183, June). The main idea was to start a discussion about the sorts of skills that the world needs in our post-truth, ‘had-enough-of-experts’ times. The world, … Read More

The Fence Paradox

24/05/2018 |

Darrell Mann

The Fence Paradox: the safer the (human-built) world tries to make itself, the more dangerous it becomes. It’s a tough problem that seems to be getting tougher. It’s a problem that, when mapped into Systematic Innovation terms, looks … Read More

Divergence, Iteration & Operational Excellence

22/05/2018 |

Darrell Mann

The Operational Excellence world abhors waste. Consequently, everyone working within such an environment is trained to sniff it out and eliminate it. When people have their waste-radars switched-on they can be pretty relentless when it comes to finding … Read More

Generational Cycles – Mid-Life Crises

20/05/2018 |

Darrell Mann

I know not everyone reads this part of the ezine. It nevertheless follows the same philosophy as all the other parts of our research activity. And that includes the idea of constantly challenging what we find rather than … Read More

The Right Leader?

17/05/2018 |

Darrell Mann

A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end… but not necessarily in that order. – Jean-Luc Godard (Film Director)

Who makes the best leader?

If you had to choose between JFK, Jack Welch, … Read More

Not Promoter Score

15/05/2018 |

Darrell Mann

If you ever need to see evidence of how the Operational Excellence world optimizes itself into a cul-de-sac from which it can never seemingly return, you need look no further than the world of the Net Promoter Score … Read More

Patent of the Month – Target Neutralization

13/05/2018 |

Darrell Mann

I love obvious. Sometimes a solution can look so obvious, you have doubts that it is real. Then you notice that the owner is Lockheed, so you realise, hmm, maybe there’s something interesting happening here. The solution in … Read More

Getting The Best Out Of The Contradiction Matrix

10/05/2018 |

Darrell Mann

In light of the publication of the new version of the Contradiction Matrix for Business & Management problems, it felt like a good time to review different ways of using the various different Contradiction Matrix tools. We’ve had … Read More