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Altshuller Institute for TRIZ - Studies Newsletter TRIZ -- the next Evolution in Problem Solving

| On 20, Feb 2005

Dear Ellen,
Happy New Year !!! With the beginning of a new year, we are also using a new and upgraded format for our ENewsletter. I hope that you like the new format. The Institute expects that 2005 will be a banner year for TRIZ and its users. There are many new participants coming to TRIZCON2005 next April. With new users endorsing TRIZ, I am sure that there will be some articles written about TRIZ, the Institute, the users and our great Conference. I hope that you share our excitement for 2005 and that you will visit us at TRIZCON2005. Respectfully, Richard Langevin Executive Director

In this issue
* The Next Big Event…
* TRIZCON2005 Keynote Speaker
* Pre-Conference Workshops- Saturday, 16 April
* Ongoing Project — “Ballad of the Stars”

TRIZCON2005 Keynote Speaker
Dr. Jean Botti is the business line executive Powertrain and executive director Fuel Cells for Delphi Corp.’s Energy & Chassis division. Dr. Botti also holds eight patents and four defensive publications for his work at Delphi. He also holds 11 patents outside of Delphi. He has been inducted into the Delphi Innovation Hall of Fame. He has multiple publications in the areas of Powertrain, Fuel Cells and Chassis. I am sure that his view of TRIZ and Innovation will be of great interest to all particpants.

Pre-Conference Workshops- Saturday, 16 April
Darrell Mann from CREAX will be one of four Pre- Conference Workshops that will be offered on Saturday, 16 April 2005. Darrell’s workshop, TRIZ for Business and Management, will discuss how genuine innovation is often very disruptive to the structure and people of an organization. He will show us how we can learn from these organizations — that successful innovation emerges from building situations where everyone wins. Other great workshops:
l I-TRIZ One-Day Orientation by Alla Zusman
l Use of TRIZ Problem Solving Principles in Business by Jack Hipple
l Facilitator Training for Creativity and Innovation Using TRIZ by Dr. Graham Rawlinson

Ongoing Project — “Ballad of the Stars”
We are still working on “The Ballad of the Stars” and as we promised last month we will preview a few pages of each story in the book. We hope that this will wet your appetite for the style of writing and generate some excitement for the coming edition. This month we are showcasing the fifth story, “Adventure” by Valentine Zhuravlyova.

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