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The Triz Journal | April 30, 2017

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The TRIZ Journal Advertising Information

The TRIZ Journal is designed to help business professionals maintain up-to-the-minute knowledge of news, jobs, methodologies, tools and best practices related to innovation and creativity. Producing well-written, detailed and highly practical content on innovation and management is what drives professionals to visit often.

Because of our focused content and its importance to our users, The TRIZ Journal attracts large numbers of business managers in all industries from every country in the world. The result yields a highly desirable audience, offering advertisers quality and frequency.

Brand Recognition
The TRIZ Journal is one of the top sites on TRIZ. With thousands of links, articles, filtered jobs, events and news, nobody else comes close. The TRIZ Journal is constantly adding new content and is always developing new ideas to keep it appealing and exciting.

Desirable Audience Demographics
The TRIZ Journal targets business managers, leaders, innovation professionals, consultants, engineers, managers, and others interested in improving process performance through innovation. Our visitors are dedicated to being more effective in their job and have both the ability and authority to make capital decisions on behalf of themselves and their companies.

Simple Design, Rich Content & Ease of Navigation
The TRIZ Journal is a robust website designed with both visitor and advertiser in mind. The system’s relevant content and ease of navigation ensure that online advertising messages are highly visible.

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