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Monthly Archives: December 2009

My Innovation Story of 2009

28/12/2009 |

Praveen Gupta

I took some time off writing commentaries for RealInnovation about a year ago. Reflecting over last 12 months for innovation activities, I have seen great interest in innovation all over the world. People are talking about innovation at all levels. … Read More

Dark Dining, a Trimming Experience

20/12/2009 |

Ellen Domb

Trimming is a TRIZ technique of improving something by simplifying it (and a small joke in English.) Most often in TRIZ it refers to products or systems where the complexity has increased cost or decreased maintainability, serviceability, ease of … Read More

Report on ISPIM Meeting

10/12/2009 |

Jack Hipple

ISPIM (International Society of Professional Innovation Management) Meeting, New York, NY Dec 7-9, 2009: “Stimulating Recovery: The Role of Innovation Management”ISPIM ( is primarily a European based innovation organization with a combination of academics, consultants, and industrial practitioners. They … Read More

The Use of Ariz in Holi Bags

07/12/2009 |

After a game of Holi there are several plastic bags that cause contaminant litter. If not picked up and disposed of properly the plastic bags will choke the drainage systems. A solution is found using ARIZ.Read More

Welcome to the December 2009 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

07/12/2009 |

In the world of The TRIZ Journal, the editorial panel has a number of articles we are looking forward to sharing with you in 2010, but first we end 2009 with the wisdom of two articles from three authors.Read More

Two Patterns of Evolution for Technological Systems

07/12/2009 |

There are many patterns of evolution. In this paper, the authors discuss two frequently encountered patterns: transition to a high-level system and increasing ideality.Read More

Make Copies!

02/12/2009 |

Jack Hipple

Why do we go to movies? Because for less than $10, we can see famous movie stars that we could never afford to pay to come to our house for a private showing. Why do we use copier machines? … Read More