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Monthly Archives: September 2009

TRIZ and Six Sigma: Ellen Domb on Quality Conversations

29/09/2009 |

Katie Barry

Tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept 30), Ellen Domb, founding editor of The TRIZ Journal, will be on Steve Wilson’s show Quality Conversations, hosted by BlogTalkRadio.

Steve has interviewed a plethora of quality professionals in the past. Guest apperances include Tom Kubiak, … Read More

Introducing Contradictions in Businesses – Is That a Conscious Strategy?

24/09/2009 |

Prakasan Kappoth

A car that is capable of reaching half the speed of a jet cruising at 30K ft… So, we have the world’s first fastest production car, Aero costing over half a million dollar available in the Indian market. (My … Read More

Innovation in a Carbon Constrained World

13/09/2009 |

Kady Srinivasan

Hello everyone! This is my first post on and I am very excited to be a part of this dynamic community. I focus on Sustainability in my work and am starting a series of posts on Sustainability Innovation … Read More

Make Information Come to You!

08/09/2009 |

Jack Hipple

Accurate, timely, and low cost information can be a critical component of innovation and market research. Think about the following things that all of you have experienced or seen in the past few years. First “I Report” on CNN … Read More

TRIZ-fest 2009: Another Point of View

07/09/2009 |

At TRIZ-Fest 2009 Martha Gardner was the keynote speaker. Gardner is a GE Global Research Quality Leader. She champions TRIZ as part of the company’s world-wide quality program.Read More

Report on the 5th Senior Conference on TRIZ Researching

07/09/2009 |

The 5th Senior Conference on TRIZ Researching was held at China’s Hunan University on April 25, 2009. It was sponsored by the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES).Read More

Using TRIZ to Develop a New Stirling/brayton Engine

07/09/2009 |

The Stirling engine is combined with the Brayton cycle in order to produce a more efficient machine by using TRIZ methodology. The result is a system that operates in a closed cycle and obtains energy from external sources.Read More

Welcome to the September 2009 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

07/09/2009 |

Welcome to the September 2009 issue of The TRIZ Journal! We’re happy to be back.Read More

TRIZ-fest 2009: Ma-triz Conference and Congress Report

07/09/2009 |

Over 100 TRIZ specialists from 14 countries participated in TRIZ-Fest 2009, July 25-29 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The participants delivered over 50 papers in English and Russian. Both languages were served with synchronous translation.Read More

About Commentator: Kady Srinivasan

01/09/2009 |

Kady Srinivasan

Ms. Kady Srinivasan, a Manager based in Clarkston’s Chicago office brings experience in strategy, sales and marketing and supply chain management advising companies in the consumer products and retail industries.  From assessments, performance benchmarking to process improvement, change management … Read More