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Monthly Archives: May 2009

What Job Is Twitter Helping Customers To Do?

30/05/2009 |

Rod King

Confession of an Early, Remote Customer.

Everyday people use it. Celebrities use it. And even politicians at the national level use it. Yes, it’s Twitter! But, what really is Twitter?

About two and half years ago, I read a … Read More

Ideal Final Interface – What Should Have Come First, User Interface or Function?

26/05/2009 |

Prakasan Kappoth

I was introduced by this book called “Design of Everyday Things” authored by Donald Norman by a friend of mine few years back. I was ignorant to the fact that there is such a great amount of work going on in the … Read More

What If This Works?

17/05/2009 |

Jack Hipple

In my days as Discovery Research Director at Dow Chemical, I was given a large chunk of money reserved for research and new product projects unrelated to the current business areas. This money was taken from the line R&D … Read More

Searching for Industries With the Greatest Pain … The Story Continues

12/05/2009 |

Rod King

Joey was like many inventors. He had come up with a great technology that involves a visual process for better organizing massive amounts of information. He was now finding cool ways to apply the technology.

 “Search is cool,” Joey … Read More

Welcome to the May 2009 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

04/05/2009 |

Welcome to the May 2009 issue of The TRIZ Journal. This month’s articles include TRIZ in software, Confucius and Thailand.Read More

Japan TRIZ Symposium 2008 Presentations Online

02/05/2009 |

Ellen Domb

Great news! Toru Nakagawa has announced that the Award-winning presentations of the Japan TRIZ Symposium 2008 are now publicly posted in their Official Pages, in the form of PDF slides both in English and in Japanese.

Because these … Read More