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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Innovation in a Zero Capital World: Ask and Trim!

30/03/2009 |

Jack Hipple

In a recent issue of Industry Week (3/16/09) a major point was made about using employee input for continuous improvement without using capital. I would suggest a broader use of this principle through the use, not only of the … Read More

Be On the Lookout for Fresh Concepts

19/03/2009 |

Lynda Curtin

Be on the lookout for fresh concepts: sometimes you have to start over. —– UC Riverside: The Arts and Letters Lecture Series: An Evening with Elizabeth Gilbert; March 12, 2009 Palm Springs, California. —– 

Elizabeth Gilbert is noted for … Read More

Report from TRIZCON 2009 in California

18/03/2009 |

Ellen Domb

TRIZCON 2009, the eleventh meeting of the Altshuller Institute, is going on this week in Canoga Park, California, where the primary sponsor for the event, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne is located.  About 75 people are involved in a variety … Read More

Innovation Policy for Obama

17/03/2009 |

Prakasan Kappoth

The current economic scenario has triggered several discussions on emphasizing an innovation action plan for Obama administration to revitalize the US (and apparently the world) economy. The recent Business Week article by Thomas D. Kuczmarski proposing a step-by-step innovation … Read More

TRIZ on Design-oriented Knowledge-based Systems

02/03/2009 |

How to establish a relationship between the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) functional basis and TRIZ taxonomies as a first step toward the creation of a library of TRIZ-based algorithms.Read More

Student Corner: Measuring Moisture Content of Soil

02/03/2009 |

The mass of a neutron is practically equal to the mass of an atom of hydrogen. Because of this closeness, it is possible to use a neutron gage to determine the moisture content of soil.Read More

Welcome to the March 2009 Issue of The TRIZ Journal

02/03/2009 |

Function-behavior-structure, knowledge-based system, non-technical problem solving, pointers to effects, gamma, soil… All this and more in March’s issue of The TRIZ Journal.Read More

Pointers to Effects for Non-technical Problem Solving

02/03/2009 |

Efficiency and effectiveness of TRIZ for solving non-technical problems appears to be much lower than what is used for technical problem solving. The absence of pointers to effects for non-technical problem solving should be one of the main causes.Read More