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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Innovation in Hard Times

27/02/2009 |

Jack Hipple

It’s all around us. The language of hard times is everywhere, in every journal, every newspaper, in the State of the Union address, in your stockbroker statements, and in your daily conversations. In a short, but insightful article in … Read More

More With Less

24/02/2009 |

Michael S. Slocum

More and more the economic pressures will increase the need for proficiency unilaterally. One way for us to respond to this challenge would be to optimize those things that we currently do. This means of course that … Read More

Sir Ken Robinson in Seattle

14/02/2009 |

Katie Barry

At the end of January I had the opportunity to see creativity and innovation expert Sir Ken Robinson speak in Seattle. His new book, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, talks about how adults (in his experience) don’t know … Read More

2009 – European Year of Creativity and Innovation

09/02/2009 |

Katie Barry

If Europe has a dedicated year of creativity and innovation, do other countries/regions need their own? ————-

There’s been a lot of talk – particularly since the global recession became a reality – about whether or not government … Read More

Smart Materials Solve Contradictions

02/02/2009 |

The value of smart material comes from its contradiction-solving abilities; linking the contradiction-solving material to a specific market need is critical to commercializing the product. Contradiction resolving is important to innovation.Read More

Substance-field Models for Fourth Class Standards

02/02/2009 |

The problem solving standards are a powerful tool in TRIZ for individuals who understand each standard. It is difficult, however, for new people to grasp the concept because each standard is a sentence with no corresponding graphics.Read More

Welcome to the February 2009 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

02/02/2009 |

February may be the shortest month of the year, but The TRIZ Journal is as busy as ever. Beyond February’s new articles, a chatty field of commentators and a lively discussion forum will keep readers clicking, reading and sharing their own views.Read More

Logistic Substitution Model and Technological Forecasting

02/02/2009 |

The application of several models (more than 300) based on the logistic growth function including simple logistic, component logistic models (CLM) and logistic substitution models (LSM) in the context of technology changed the future of forecasting.Read More