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Yearly Archives: 2008

What’s Your Sign (Of Innovation)?

16/08/2008 |

Jack Hipple

How many of you have seen one of Jeff Foxworthy’s comedy monologues? You know one of his favorite spots is his description of a certain behavior (usually not all the flattering, but funny), and then saying, “Here’s your sign!”, … Read More

Olympic TRIZ

12/08/2008 |

Ellen Domb

Thanks to BusinessWeek for doing all the research for this article, Olympic Innovation (, they have a great slide show and article about the innovations in Olympic equipment, whether non-Olympic athletes can buy it, and if yes, the details.  … Read More

BCG Innovation 2008 Report

05/08/2008 |

James Todhunter

The Boston Consulting Group has released their latest report on innovation, “Innovation 2008: Is the Tide Turning?” As always, the BCG report provides some great insights on the state of innovation in business.

There are plenty of very interesting … Read More

Entropy and the Ideal Final Result

04/08/2008 |

Every specific design of a system intended to fulfill requirements can be seen as a micro-state. Design degeneracy is a type of entropy that can be defined as the number of designs available to fulfill a certain set of requirements.Read More

TRIZ Permeates Patent Use – Albeit Unintentionally

04/08/2008 |

A lot of problems exist in life where the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) tools of understanding functions would improve the problem solving process – especially in order to avoid spending money on unnecessary problem solving.Read More

Welcome to the August 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

04/08/2008 |

"From Russia, With Love" is more than just the name of a James Bond movie! This month, it also means that we have reports from the happenings at this year’s TRIZ Developers Summit in St. Petersburg.Read More

In Search of the Ideal TRIZ Teaching Method

04/08/2008 |

TRIZ practitioners continue debating how best to teach it. Recognizing everyone is different, learns differently and possesses a different knowledge base the article explores different thinking/teaching modes.Read More

The Complete Technical System and System Operator

04/08/2008 |

Applying CTS and the system operator model enhance the creativity of the solutions; viewing the core process of a call center, where a service technician works with a customer, revealed an immediate opportunity for improvement.Read More

The Mother of Invention?

31/07/2008 |

Cass PursellI’m new to working in Supply Chain and am finding it extremely interesting, challenging, and critical to the long-term success of the organization. One thing that I’ve noticed in particular is that, more than for any other business function, … Read More

PDMA’s 32nd Annual International Conference

22/07/2008 |

Katie Barry

The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) is hosting its 32nd Annual International Conference September 15-17 in Orlando.

Why should you attend this event? Keynote speakers from companies including MIT, iRobot and IBM. Guru roundtables: small roundtable sessions with thought-leaders … Read More

Holiday TRIZ

19/07/2008 |

Ellen Domb

It is holiday/vacation time for our northern hemisphere readers and authors, and that can be a great opportunity for TRIZ learning and practice.  

Many of our columns on how to learn TRIZ emphasize the need to practice, and … Read More

What Business Are You In?

08/07/2008 |

Jack Hipple

With my activities in TRIZ, I am constantly thinking about function rather than jargon or business description. What function does my product allow someone to do? Not what do I sell them or what do they need. The function … Read More

Welcome to the July 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

07/07/2008 |

Beverages are this month’s unexpected theme – liquids from vending machines and cappuccinos to be exact, making them more accessible and with less hassle. This month’s bounty also includes looks at how TRIZ fits in and around other tools and techniques.Read More

Theories of Everything and TRIZ

07/07/2008 |

TRIZ builds on a solid foundation of knowledge and is based on the idea technological improvement results from studying excellence. This paper looks at excellence and what occurs when knowledge is integrated into a theory of everything (TOE) whole.Read More

Design of an Adaptive Liquid Vending Machine

07/07/2008 |

Students were given the task of designing and building a new vending machine that was adaptable. Students were given some training in TRIZ, and to a lesser extent axiomatic design, but were allowed to innovate and come up with their own solution.Read More

Add Value by Connecting Tools and Techniques

07/07/2008 |

Even when the application of every tool in the connectivity chain perfectly completes its assigned task, it is necessary to turn over the results of the application to the next tool in the sequence to reach the ultimate goal.Read More

Using TRIZ to Make Great Cappuccino Foam Without the Hassle

07/07/2008 |

Have you ever tried to make a real cappuccino drink with espresso coffee and steamed fresh milk? If you have, you know that heating the milk fully and getting the milk to foam properly is a precise art.Read More

Eat Soup With a Fork to Learn Innovation

01/07/2008 |

Ellen Domb

My colleague Jim Belfiore at the Invention Machine Company has a great blog, with a mix of personal stories, professional observations, and just plain good writing.   

This column is a reprint of his recent blog, which is the … Read More


23/06/2008 |

Jack Hipple

$140 a Barrel –

By the time you read this, it may be higher. If you’re in Europe, the price has also gone up, but no where near as much. Why? Because we currently price oil in dollars and … Read More

The Hidden Innovator

21/06/2008 |

Praveen Gupta

Recently, I came across the Invisible Employee book written by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton. I read some statistics such as 25% of employees being driven to tears and 50% being verbally abused. My experience has taught that almost … Read More