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Yearly Archives: 2008

The 4400

29/12/2008 |

Jack Hipple

In the past two weeks or so, there has been a torrent of layoffs, plant closings, and restructurings unknown in recent times. Two major layoffs that caught my eye with my chemical industry background, were those of Dow Chemical … Read More

Holiday TRIZ -Holidaying in Crisis..

21/12/2008 |

Prakasan Kappoth

Ellen Domb posted a commentary about the Holiday TRIZ when the “sub-prime” axes slowly began to uproot the decades old financial institutions like Lehman Brothers. She suggested TRIZ thinking even while you are holidaying to identify innovation opportunities around … Read More

Strengthening the 40 Principles

01/12/2008 |

The authors studied various TRIZ sources at compared the 40 inventive principles and suggest that the principles would be easier to use if practioners divide the principles into two parts: resources and recommendations.Read More

Student Corner: Inventive Potential of Ice

01/12/2008 |

Ice naturally has the ability to exist in two main technological conditions – solid state (ice) and liquid state (water). It transfers from one state to the other at particular temperatures. Ice is perfect substance for exploring the use of TRIZ.Read More

Using TRIZ to Improve Pem-nut Production

01/12/2008 |

The numerous manufacturing processes required to produce pem-nuts using a traditional machining process have made them too expensive. Inventors used TRIZ tools to improve production and reduce the cost of pem-nuts.Read More

Systematic Clustering of Business Problems

01/12/2008 |

Using the 40 inventive principles of TRIZ to solve problems in business is systematically and scientifically reproducible.Read More

Welcome to the December 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

01/12/2008 |

"We have developed into a worldwide TRIZ community that has characteristics of many families – we don’t always agree on everything, but we help each other."Read More

Teaching TRIZ Does Not Equal Learning TRIZ

01/12/2008 |

Methods for adult education have been well-researched in the last 50 years and they can be used to create a robust TRIZ teaching system that is useful in many cultures.Read More

TRIZ Community: Thanks!

29/11/2008 |

Ellen Domb

The last Thursday in November is the Thanksgiving holiday in the US.   Originally a harvest festival with religious roots, thanking God for enough food to get through the winter, it has evolved into a family-oriented celebration of all the … Read More

Vibrating Mascara

12/11/2008 |

Jack Hipple

In a recent Sunday papers around the world, a large full page, color (not cheap!) advertisement was shown displaying a new mascara brush from Lancome:

When you watch the video at this site, you will hear things like: … Read More

Systematic (Software) Innovation..

09/11/2008 |

Prakasan Kappoth

“…over the history of software development there have not been that many innovations..” I must have heard this statement elsewhere in some forum, but now this is the base for a new TRIZ for software innovation book recently launched. … Read More

Solve the Economic Crisis

03/11/2008 |

Katie Barry

The Mexican TRIZ Association (AMETRIZ) is hosting a blog for ideas to solve the global economic crisis:

Put that TRIZ (and other innovation methods and tools) experience to good use and submit your ideas. (And share them here, too!) … Read More

Use and Search Engine Forecast

03/11/2008 |

The major processing tools for Internet information are search engines (SE). As a direction of SE development, it is suggested to add the universal scheme of evolution (USE) approach to SE technology.Read More

Case Study: Use Ariz-85 to Isolate Target Proteins

03/11/2008 |

Isolation of target proteins requires dissociation of the bindings of the other proteins in an adipocyte. This paper is related to the problem that there was trouble using SDS as a dissociating agent.Read More

Timeline of the Development of TRIZ and Genrich Altshuller

03/11/2008 |

The author has assembled a timeline of the major events of the development of TRIZ, and pictures of Altshuller and his family over the years, to celebrate World TRIZ Day and Altshuller’s contributions.Read More

Usit in Japan: a Paradigm for Creative Problem Solving

03/11/2008 |

USIT, introduced to Japan in 1999, has been accepted as an easy, unified process for problem solving in industries and as the next generation of TRIZ. The solution generation methods of TRIZ have been reorganized into a system of USIT operators.Read More

Welcome to the November 2008 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

03/11/2008 |

This month’s unofficial theme is time – the past, present and future are all represented. A timeline of the development of TRIZ, TRIZ training in Japan and a look at the evolutionary potential of search engines are three topics to keep readers busy.Read More

Comments on "usit in Japan" by Toru Nakagawa

03/11/2008 |

Ed Sickafus offers insight into the presentation by Toru Nakagawa at the Fourth TRIZ Syposium in Japan held September 2008: USIT in Japan.Read More

Milan: Computer-Aided Innovation

31/10/2008 |

Ellen Domb

Thanks to Gaetano Cascini and Noel Leon for getting us this abbreviated report on the  2nd IFIP Topical Session on Computer-Aided Innovation, presented in conjunction with the 20th IFIP World Computer Congress (September 7-10, 2008, Milan, IT – … Read More

The Tic-Tac-Toe Approach to Strategic Planning

27/10/2008 |

Jack Hipple

I’d like to share with you a very simple, but powerful strategic analysis tool that I’ll just describe as the “tic-tac-toe” approach to strategic analysis. It comes from my experience with TRIZ, but it’s a much broader thinking tool … Read More