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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Think You Have What It Takes to be a Chief Innovation Officer?

26/02/2007 |

Michael Cyger

Companies like Humana, Coca-Cola, AMD, Citigroup and Cargill are all establishing the position of Chief Innovation Officer (CIO - unfortunately, confusingly similar to Chief Information Officer). It appears that companies are recognizing that the development of new ideas, new products, … Read More

Ideality and Idealized Design

23/02/2007 |

Ellen Domb

The concept of the ideal final result is pervasive in TRIZ. Whether you are doing problem solving or technology forecasting, the ideal final result tells you the direction of the simplest possible solution to the problem. If you use … Read More

Soliciting External Inspiration

19/02/2007 |

Katie Barry

Dell just launched Ideastorm, a website for stimulating and gathering the brainstormed ideas of its customers – and anyone else interested in furthering Dell’s success.

Site visitors can submit ideas, vote on a particular idea’s value and comment on … Read More

Now for Something Completely Different

12/02/2007 |

Michael S. Slocum

Nothing could be worse than having your market share taken by a new product or service. After all the hard work and effort you have invested in bringing your idea to market, establishing the market, educating the users, … Read More

Surveying Innovation Activity

06/02/2007 |

Katie Barry

InnovationLabs released results of its Permanent Innovation survey this week. Particularly noteworthy responses include:

  • Only 13% of those surveyed felt that their company/organization understands the innovation process.
  • More than half of the respondents felt that “lack … Read More

Where to Study TRIZ

05/02/2007 |

Since the 2004 Edition of the TRIZ Future Conference we have been working to create a reference database that includes information on all of the educational instututions involved in the research, application and dissemination of TRIZ.Read More

Student Corner: Reuleaux Triangle

05/02/2007 |

Engineers started to use the Reuleaux Triangle to solve technical problems in different areas of life. The Triangle is a constant width figure based on an equilateral triangle that almost forms a square when rotated on its axis.Read More

Application of Rca+ to Solve Business Problems

05/02/2007 |

This paper presents a basic process for solving business and management problems using a combination of classical TRIZ and additional techniques to organize a systematic approach to all phases of the problem solving process.Read More

Welcome to the February 2007 Issue of The TRIZ Journal!

05/02/2007 |

We’ve enjoyed a great first month with the new design of The TRIZ Journal! We are grateful that so many readers have responded to our request for feedback and encourage you to keep your comments and suggestions coming this month, too.Read More