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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Call for Papers-TRIZ Case Study Book

30/11/2006 |

Call for papers sponsored by: Independent International Editors Consortium: Marco Aurelio de Carvalho, (Brasil), Ellen Domb (USA), Valeri Souchkov (The Netherlands), Hongyul Yoon (Korea) and Iouri Belski (Australia).

Proposal In order to enhance understanding and learning of the … Read More

Innovation: Infinite in All Directions

27/11/2006 |

Michael S. Slocum

Real Innovation has a special purpose – to find real applications of systematic innovation, analyze the systematic approaches utilized and bring those lessons to others. Paradigms must shift, cultures must change and biases must be overcome. Perhaps surprisingly, … Read More

Wipro’s Growing Innovation Business

27/11/2006 |

Katie Barry

The following is from a Business Week Q&A with Wipro CEO Azim Premji:

Q: Wipro has a growing innovation business. How do you organize it?A: We have an innovation council consisting of the champions from different technology domains, practices, … Read More

Dilbert on Six Sigma and Innovation

26/11/2006 |

Michael Cyger

Dilbert and his pointy haired boss tackled two topics that are near and dear to my heart: Six Sigma and innovation. In one fell swooop, he reduced both topics to buzz words and hype. While I’m sure there are … Read More


21/11/2006 |

Ellen Domb

Ron Fulbright at the University of South Carolina Upstate (and a TRIZ Journal author) has written an excellent article on the need for and requirements for “innostructure”—innovation infrastructure. This article appears in “Business Innovation” which is a publication related … Read More

Report on the European TRIZ Association TRIZ Futures 2006 Conference

20/11/2006 |

Kortrijk, Belgium, October 9-11, 2006 Ellen Domb

This report is second in a series of experiments of “live blogging” –reporting on the meeting as it is happening, in the blog then combining the daily postings and some photos, … Read More

IBM Dedicates $100 Million to Innovation

20/11/2006 |

Michael Cyger

On Tuesday Chairman and CEO Samuel J. Palmisano announced that IBM would invest $100 million on ten new and innovative ideas that resulted from an online brainstorming session called InnovationJam.

InnovationJam, which was billed as the “largest-ever brainstorming session,” … Read More

The TRIZ Application in the Development of an Automotive Telematics Platform

18/11/2006 |

Authors Chi-Chang Liu Division of Electrical & Electronic Engineering China Motor Corporation, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Yung-Hsin Chen Division of Electrical & Electronic Engineering China Motor Corporation, Taiwan, R.O.C.

D. Y. Sha President, Taiwan TRIZ Association Department of Business Administration, Asia University, … Read More

Changing the Paradigm in Business English Learning Using TRIZ

17/11/2006 |

By: Manoj Jaiswal and Padma Tata Infosys Technologies Limited This paper was originally presented in ‘The Second TRIZ Symposium in Japan, September 2006’

Abstract Infosys Technologies Limited (NASDAQ: INFY) being a global organization has clients and offices across geographies. For … Read More

Real Innovation Is Upon Us

15/11/2006 |

Michael S. Slocum

Problem solving is something that we all do, almost all the time. We have a tendency to take problem solving skills that we have developed for granted. We don’t even consider our approach anymore. We just face the … Read More

Innovation Certification?

12/11/2006 |

Katie Barry

I recently listened to a webinar hosted by Spark Partners ( and KnowledgeShift ( called “Continuous Innovation and Beyond – How to Earn a Black Belt in Innovation Overview.” The title of the webinar was intriguing. Achieving innovation is … Read More

TRIZ in Business Week

12/11/2006 |

Ellen Domb

I’m the managing editor of The TRIZ Journal ( and a consultant, instructor and advocate for TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving). So my commentaries for won’t have any hidden agendas or biases – my biases are right … Read More

Some Thoughts About TRIZ Feature Transfer Into Other Field of Human Life

10/11/2006 |

Gregory Frenklach Israel

There were a lot of trials to perform feature transfer of TRIZ tools into other fields of human activities like management, advertisement, marketing, election, education and so on. Some of them were more successful, some less … Read More

Welcome to the Real Innovation Commentaries

10/11/2006 |

Michael Cyger

A great deal has been published about innovation in the popular press lately. And very little of it has any substance. If 65% of global chief executives and other business leaders believe they will have to make fundamental changes … Read More

Evolution Trends in Nuclear Soil Logging Tools

09/11/2006 |

Abram Teplitskiy, PhD, Scientific Consultant Roustem Kourmaev, P.E., President Advanced Technologies International, Inc.

Richardson, Texas, USA

Evolution of technical systems in TRIZ is described by series of classical S-curves (1). We have experience in developing nuclear logging tools for … Read More

VizTRIZ: A Visual Approach to the Contradiction Matrix

05/11/2006 |

Victor E Ross Institute for Technological Innovation Faculty of EBIT University of Pretoria Hatfield 0002 South Africa

Abstract In the first phase of work aimed at refining the use of the TRIZ Contradiction Matrix, a contradictionless, ‘4-Attribute Matrix’ was … Read More

A Comparison of Tools Based on the 40 Inventive Principles of TRIZ

01/11/2006 |

Victor E Ross Institute for Technological Innovation Faculty of EBIT University of Pretoria Hatfield 0002 South Africa

Abstract A comparison was made of four tools that are based on the 40 inventive principles of TRIZ, viz (1) the classic … Read More