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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Organizational News:TRIZ Home Page in Japan

28/10/2006 |

This home page serves as an open forum of information exchange for better understanding and usage of TRIZ (“Theory of Inventive Problem Solving”), especially based in Japan. Readers’ contributions are very welcome, including introductory articles, papers, technical reports, case studies, … Read More

Organizational News : Altshuller Institute For TRIZ Studies, Inc.

27/10/2006 |

Call for Papers

THE 9TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE ON TRIZ STUDIES The Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies is issuing a call for papers to be presented at the Ninth Annual Conference on TRIZ Studies. The date and venue for the Conference … Read More

Synergy Leadership in Quantum Organizations

23/10/2006 |

Dale S. Deardorff DM. University of DeVry /Keller Graduate School of Management – Naperville, Illinois USA

Greg Williams AERA Energy – Bakersfield, California USA

ABSTRACT This paper discusses the need for Leaders to move into an active role … Read More


22/10/2006 |

Time is one of the major regulators of our life, as well as the major subject of philosophy, science, and even poetry, example of which you’ll find below. Nice example of such poetry you’ll find below -poem about time … Read More

Report on First Iberoamerican Innovation Technology Congress, Puebla, Mexico Sept. 4-6. 2006.

20/10/2006 |

By Ellen Domb

These are short summary reports from the 1er Congreso Iberoamericano de Innovación Tecnológica in Puebla, MX. They were orginally posted live during the meeting as an experiment on They are short partly because of my … Read More

Kraev’s Korner

18/10/2006 |

Editor’s note: Kraev’s Korner was first published in the newsletter of the Altshuller Institute, in 2005. Val Kraev is the Chief TRIZ Officer of the Technical Innovation Center in Worcester, MA USA,, and has contributed several very valuable … Read More

Creative Solutions from TRIZ for the Business Contradiction in Red Ocean Strategy

16/10/2006 |

By: Yung-Chin Hsiao

ABSTRACT The serious contradiction between product differentiation and cost was found in the red ocean strategy. Without compromise of cost and product differentiation, Kim, W. C. and Mauborgne, R. suggest that blue ocean strategy of exploiting … Read More

1 PAGE-CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING FOR SIX SIGMA: How to Use the Template of Six Sigma-Brainstorming Pool for Facilitating and Enhancing Six Sigma Projects

14/10/2006 |

By Dr. Rod King (

1. Trends in the Evolution of Six Sigma Six Sigma is undoubtedly the most popular methodology for systematic problem solving in business. The Six Sigma methodology was developed at Motorola in the 1980s. Six Sigma … Read More

New Tools for Design

09/10/2006 |

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Process Management Using Systemic Thought Process: Identification and Formulation of Creative Tasks

04/10/2006 |

Gennady Ivanov and Mark Barkan (Presented by Mark Barkan) WWW.CONCEPT-CATALYSTS.COM 704-995-1592

ABSTRACT Creative thinking is based, in part, on the skill to analyze an object or an event in three perspectives: in time, in space and in interactions between … Read More

Trends and patterns of evolution for product innovation

01/10/2006 |

Noel Leon, Prof. Dr., (Presenter) Center for Innovation in Products and Technology, Tec de Monterrey, (CIDYT, ITESM) Tel. +52 81 81582012, Fx. +52 81 83284005 Ave. Eugenio Garza Sada #2501 Sur Col. Tecnológico, 64849 Monterrey, NL, México

ABSTRACT Perhaps … Read More