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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Student Corner 9: Funnel – A Simple Device, Which Has A Lot Of Applications

29/09/2006 |

By: Abram Teplitskiy

A funnel is a conically shaped pipe, employed as a device to channel liquid or fine-grained substances into containers with a small opening. Most people first saw a funnel in their kitchen, where it was used … Read More

“Ideality-Serendipity Paradigm” or “Intuition-Logic framework”

26/09/2006 |

Richard W. Gee, P.E., President, GEE Consultants, Inc. Roustem Kourmaev, P.E., President, Advanced Technologies International, Inc. Abram Teplitskiy, PhD, Scientific Consultant Dallas, Texas

In two previous issues of TRIZ Journal (June-July 2006) there were published interesting articles, in which … Read More

idéLAB: The “DUTCH” TRIZ Experience

24/09/2006 |

Valeri Souchkov ICG Training & Consulting, Enschede, The Netherlands

Jacques Stevens Stevens Idé Partners, Enschede, The Netherlands © V. Souchkov & J. Stevens, August, 2006

Abstract In this article, we would like to present our “Dutch” experience with … Read More

Predictive Failure Analysis™: How To Use TRIZ In “Reverse”

20/09/2006 |

Jack Hipple Innovation-TRIZ Tampa, FL 813-994-9999

The usual application of TRIZ principles, tools, and algorithms is in the sense of problem solving. A problem, unsolvable by traditional psychological techniques, or one identified by an integrated Six Sigma/DFSS/QFD project is … Read More

Improve Process Effectiveness with TRIZ Methodology

20/09/2006 |

Haiyan Ru, As we know, process system is more and more important for a corporation with dream of being a great company. There are some improvement models and quality systems supplied for it, such as ISO9000 appeared last century. … Read More

Application of Axiomatic Design and TRIZ in Ecodesign

17/09/2006 |

Young Joon, Ahn, and Kyeong Won, Lee

ABSTRACT Conceptual design stage is very important than other stages such as detailed design or manufacturing stage, because it has most capability to reduce the total cost. Therefore, conceptual design should be … Read More

TRIZ Motivated Design Of An Amphibian Bicycle

08/09/2006 |

María Teresa Tame Cohen, Luis Manuel Gómez Zamudio and Muhammad Ali Yousuf Robotics, Automation and Educational Technologies Research Group (GIRATE) Engineering Division, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (Monterrey Tec), Santa Fe Campus, Avenida Carlos Lazo 100, Colonia Santa … Read More

The Real World: TRIZ In Two Hours For Undergraduate And Masters Level Students!

05/09/2006 |

Dr. Paul R. Filmore School of Computing, Communications & Electronics University of Plymouth, UK

ABSTRACT The reality of overloaded university syllabi is very limited time for introducing challenging and comprehensive concepts like TRIZ. This paper shares experience and knowledge, … Read More

Case Studies from a Breakthrough Innovation Product Design Programme For Local Industries

01/09/2006 |

Darrell Mann Director, Systematic Innovation Ltd, UK Phone: +44 (1275) 337500, Fax: +44 (1275) 337509 E-mail:

Joseph Poon Director, Hong Kong Productivity Council E-mail: Matthew Driver Director, Network China Ltd, UK E-mail:

Abstract Starting in August 2004, … Read More