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Monthly Archives: May 2006

Altshuller’s Anniversary: The Position of the Copyright Owners

28/05/2006 |

2006 is the 80th anniversary year of the birth of Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller, the creator of TRIZ – CDI (Development of creative imagination) – TCLS (Theory of Creative Life Strategy) (15.10.1926 – 24.09.1998).

This year, the Official G.S. Altshuller Foundation … Read More

Applying TRIZ in Process Improvement

19/05/2006 |

Haiyan Ru, Haibo Ru, TRIZ could be used not only in product innovation, but also in process improvement. It can increase the organization management efficiency and effectiveness, which is also valuable. Here we provide a case of applying … Read More

A New Paradigm for Creative Problem Solving: Six-Box Scheme in USIT without Depending on Analogical Thinking

15/05/2006 |

Toru Nakagawa Osaka Gakuin University, Japan

First Presented at The 27th Annual Conference of the Japan Creativity Society held on October 29-30, 2005 at National Center of Sciences, Tokyo (in Japanese); Posted in the TRIZ Home Page in Japan on … Read More

How Solution Finds a Problem to Solve (Case Study)

07/05/2006 |

Dallas, Texas, USA How Solution Finds a Problem to Solve (Case Study) After graduating from university, I was concentrated on my PhD research, which was connected with practical applications of nuclear methods for technological control in construction, one of … Read More

Student’s Corner #5 Bee and Honeycomb

05/05/2006 |

Edited by: Leora C. Slocum*, Micaiah C. Slocum, and Hosannah M. Slocum (*contact at On our Student’s Corner #4 we considered inventions made by plants – corrugated structures. Now we’ll enjoy inventions made by insects, and more specifically … Read More

Better design using nature’s successful (no-compromise) solutions

02/05/2006 |

Darrell Mann1 Conall Ó Catháin2 1Systematic Innovation Ltd, UK, 2Queen’s University, Belfast, UK

Abstract The paper describes a programme of work aimed at identifying and codifying design solutions from the natural world in which a trade-off or compromise has been … Read More