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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Progress and Ideality

27/02/2006 |

By: Vladimir Petrov, Avraam Seredinski

Vladimir Petrov TRIZ Association of Israel

Avraam Seredinski Head of TRIZ chair, ESICS, France

Abstract Authors present the theoretical aspects about Law of Ideality Increasing – the most important law of technical … Read More

Applying the Law of Idealization to a Circuit Design Problem

26/02/2006 |

By: Haiyan Ru, Haibo Ru, Weibing Ang

Haiyan Ru, Haibo Ru, Weibing Ang,

There are eight laws of technological system evolution in TRIZ system, which are the constitutions of TRIZ world: 1) Law of Completeness: Any engineering … Read More

Creative Design of a Straightline Intermittent Reciprocator

24/02/2006 |

By: Hong-Tzer Yan and Hsin-Sheng Lee

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chienkuo Technology University Deptment of Power Mechanical Engineering, National Formosa University E-mail: (Corresponding author)

Abstract The traditional straightline intermittent reciprocator has only one motion curve. By applying the TRIZ … Read More

What Innovation Is: How Companies Develop Operating Systems for Innovation

22/02/2006 |

By: Howard Smith

THE INNOVATION IMPERATIVE There isn’t a business that doesn’t want to be more creative in its thinking. According to one study, 75 percent of CEOs of the fastest growing companies claim their strongest competitive advantage is … Read More

Mutual Compensation of TRIZ and Axiomatic Design

20/02/2006 |

By: Kyeong Won, Lee and Young Joon, Ahn

Kyeong Won, Lee Associate Professor at Korea Polytechnic University, CTO at TRIZ Engineering & Consulting company “KID” in Korea

Young Joon, Ahn Graduate Student at Korea Polytechnic University … Read More

Centrality of ‘Steering Language’ to problem solving Trends of evolution case study: The development of heat induction system

18/02/2006 |

By: Ahmad A. Abdalla, Sulieman M. Zobly

Ahmad A. Abdalla South-Westphalia University of Applied Sciences Luebecker Ring 2 59494 Soest, Germany Tel.: +49 (0) 2921 378414 Fax: +49 (0) 2921 378404 Email:

Sulieman M. Zobly Institute … Read More

Full Scheme Thinking and Feature Transfer for Creation of Blue Ocean

16/02/2006 |

By: Hongyul Yoon CEO of TRIZ Center, TRIZ Specialist

ABSTRACT TRIZ has been changed to serve not only technical innovation but also nontechnical improvement. The requirement of contributions to business area seems increasingly higher especially in … Read More

Decision Making for TRIZ

13/02/2006 |

Dr. David G. Ullman Robust Decisions Inc © Robust Decisions 2006 1

TRIZ plays an important role in the new product development process. However, if the tools that interface with TRIZ are not sufficient, its impact on the final … Read More

Review: JOURNAL OF TRIZ: Value to English-Speaking Readers

10/02/2006 |

by: Jack Hipple Publication Details: the Journal of TRIZ is the English translation of the Russian language magazine, which has just resumed publication in 2005 after a long hiatus. The cost of a single issue of the Journal of … Read More

Hierarchical TRIZ Algorithms

08/02/2006 |

Hierarchical TRIZ Algorithms is a how-to TRIZ book. It is designed to assist both beginning and advanced users. Each month, the TRIZ-Journal will publish another chapter of the book. This month’s installment includes the eighth step of the 10 step … Read More

Book Review: Innovation on Demand – By Victor Fey and Eugene Rivin

05/02/2006 |

Review by Dr. Jim Bradley James Bradley Ph.D., PE, 6 Sigma Site Leader & Master Black Belt and TRIZ Specialist, International Truck and Engine Corporation Publication Details: Innovation on Demand: New Product Development Using TRIZ by Victor Fey and Eugene … Read More

Letters to the editor

04/02/2006 |

A letter to sceptics Personal thoughts of why using TRIZ is good and even necessary Dipl.-Ing. Horst Th. Nähler c4pi – Center for Product-Innovation TRIZ-online Germany Sometimes successful methods and methodologies are good and useful because they are pretty obvious. … Read More

Comments on Lettieri and Yoneyama’s “Su-field: An Educational Example of Inventive Problem Solving in Electrical Engineering”

03/02/2006 |

by Richard Kaplan Lettieri and Yoneyama provide a nice electrical engineering example of inventive problem solving in their 1/06 TRIZ-Journal article. The problem is reminiscent of the classical lamps creativity puzzle: There is a lamp on the third floor … Read More

ETRIA TRIZ Futures 2006 announcemen

02/02/2006 |

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TRIZ Home Page in Japan Update

01/02/2006 |

Dear TRIZ Colleagues, “TRIZ Home Page in Japan” has been updated yesterday: Both English and Japanese Pages (Dated: Jan. 13, 2006) ‘Personal Report’ of the ETRIA TFC 2005 (Held at Graz,Nov. 2005) has been posted in detail in English. … Read More