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Yearly Archives: 2006

Report on the Second Senior Conference of TRIZ Researching

30/12/2006 |

Gao Changqing reports on the Second Senior Conference on TRIZ Research

The Second Senior Conference on TRIZ Researching in China was held at Hebei University of Technology on October 28, 2006. The TRIZ Research Association of China was constituted … Read More

Out-of-Place Artifacts and Disruptive Innovation

28/12/2006 |

Michael S. Slocum

Archeologists sometimes find artifacts that are not consistent with the collection of technologies discovered for a certain period and/or culture. These finds are termed “out-of-place artifacts” (OOPARTS).  The pyramids are often cited as a fantastic example of this … Read More

Report on the International TRIZ Association TRIZ-fest 2006 Conference

28/12/2006 |

Saint Petersburg, Russia, October 13-20, 2006 By Mark Barkan

The conference comprised following activities: 1. October 13-14, TRIZ Masters’ Summit 2. October 14, Certification of new TRIZ Masters 3. October 15, Trip to Petrozavodsk and visit to Altshuller’s grave 4. … Read More

Entrepreneur of the Year

27/12/2006 |

Ellen Domb

End of year contradiction: there’s lots of good information in all the “best of the year” issues of magazines. But there’s less and less time to read it and extract useful lessons. BUT this is not going to be a TRIZ lesson … Read More

Niche Markets

25/12/2006 |

Title: Niche Markets:Targeting High-Value Market Segments using TRIZ Author: Joseph P. Cool, President, Cool & Associates, Inc. Presentation for: 2006 Directory Assistance/Directory Enquiry (DA/DQ) International Conference, Pontiac, MI Sponsored by: The Pierz Group Date of presentation: 3 … Read More

Right Tasty Glaze

24/12/2006 |

Cass Pursell

There’s a great quote by British cookbook author Jane Grigson relating the holiday season to innovation. “Clever food is not appreciated at Christmas. It makes the little ones cry and the old ones nervous. Don’t,” she warned, “Be original.”

Read More

Book Review: Fishbone Flow

18/12/2006 |

Darrell Mann Systematic Innovation Ltd, UK. Phone: +44 (1275) 337500 Fax: +44 (1275) 337509 E-mail: Fishbone Flow: Integrating Lean, Six Sigma, TPM and TRIZ By John Bicheno A PICSIE Book, 2006

Fishbone Flow is a 120-page quick reference guide … Read More

Fuctional Clues

16/12/2006 |

Aleksey Pinyayev Procter & Gamble

Abstract This paper describes a new problem definition and solution method – a system of the Functional Clues. The system of the Functional Clues aims at addressing one of the most important contradictions in … Read More

Using TRIZ to Develop New Corrosion Protection Concepts in Shipbuilding – A Case Study

15/12/2006 |

Jan R. Weitzenböck and Stefan Marion Det Norske Veritas, Veritasveien 1, 1322 Høvik, Norway

Abstract Accidents involving ships that carry environmentally dangerous cargo, such as oil tankers, can have severe consequences for the environment. In many accidents, the ship … Read More

Abstract of Book Evolution Trees

13/12/2006 |

Nikolay Shpakovsky PhD, TRIZ specialist Company “TRIZ-profi”, Moscow

About the book The book presented by this abstract is an expanded and enlarged version of the electronic book “Processing of Technical and Patent Information by Using Evolution Trees” developed jointly with … Read More

Innovation Maverick

11/12/2006 |

Michael S. Slocum

The innovation maverick is that individual who perceives the way forward in an organization through the creation of innovative concepts. When an organization is in the entrepreneurial phase, the maverick is the driving force for the commercialization of the … Read More

TRIZ Motivated Design of a Two-Armed Manipulator for the Stamping Industry

10/12/2006 |

Eduardo Manzur Servín Student of M.S. Engineering Management (Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, USA) B.S. Mechatronical Engineering (Teconologico de Monterrey, ITESM Campus Santa Fe, Mexico City, Mexico);; General Electric GE Corporate, Commercial Development Tel: (52 55) 5257 6474 … Read More

Aligning For Innovation

07/12/2006 |

Cass PursellAccording to a recent article in The Economist, Google has established a production formula that requires developers to spend 70% of their time working on core products, 20% of their time in support of non-core projects, and 10% of … Read More

Practical TRIZ Applications for the Tropical Fish Hobbyist

07/12/2006 |

Part 1 – The Bettas Barracks By Gerry Antonio

Introduction I have been a freshwater tropical fish hobbyist for thirty years. I breed flowerhorns, Bettas and guppies. It was during the last ten years that my backyard production technologies significantly … Read More

Innovation with Silly String

06/12/2006 |

Katie Barry

Silly string in combat? Sounds silly (forgive the pun), but it’s true. Cans of Silly String are being used in combat areas for serious work – testing for trip wires. [Click here to read the full story.]

This is … Read More

Who Can I Sell This To?

04/12/2006 |

Ellen Domb

TRIZ and QFD usually focus on understanding a customer, and either improving a product or service to make it better for that customer, or keeping it the same for the customer while improving the production and delivery system. In … Read More

TRIZ – What Is TRIZ?

01/12/2006 |

TRIZ – What Is TRIZ?Read More

Contradiction Matrix and the 40 Principles for Innovative Problem Solving

01/12/2006 |

Contradiction Matrix and the 40 Principles for Innovative Problem SolvingRead More

Call for Papers-TRIZ Case Study Book

30/11/2006 |

Call for papers sponsored by: Independent International Editors Consortium: Marco Aurelio de Carvalho, (Brasil), Ellen Domb (USA), Valeri Souchkov (The Netherlands), Hongyul Yoon (Korea) and Iouri Belski (Australia).

Proposal In order to enhance understanding and learning of the … Read More

Innovation: Infinite in All Directions

27/11/2006 |

Michael S. Slocum

Real Innovation has a special purpose – to find real applications of systematic innovation, analyze the systematic approaches utilized and bring those lessons to others. Paradigms must shift, cultures must change and biases must be overcome. Perhaps surprisingly, … Read More