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Monthly Archives: July 2005

Rapid Innovation with TRIZ – Part 2 – Using TRIZ symbols and schematics in continuous innovation

26/07/2005 |

By: Shahid S. Ahmed PhD

Abstract: A system of symbols representing classical TRIZ tools and methods is proposed. These basic symbols can be used in schematic diagrams which provide a time and utility context to the continuous innovation process. … Read More

Marketing TRIZ In The Global Marketplace: A Primer

20/07/2005 |

By: Joseph P. Cool President, Cool & Associates, Inc. 921 Village Green Ln #1068, Waterford, MI 48328 USA Tel: 1-248-683-1130 URL:

ABSTRACT While this presentation is general in nature, specific tools can be developed for the successful expansion … Read More

Software Engineering And TRIZ (1) – Structured Programming Reviewed With TRIZ

18/07/2005 |


ABSTRACT This is the first report of our research having three-folded purposes as follows: (1) to apply TRIZ to the problems related to software development and to extend the application field of TRIZ into software development and … Read More

Solving Technical Contradictions in Construction with Examples

14/07/2005 |

Abram Teplitskiy, Ph.D., Scientific Consultant Roustem Kourmaev, President Advanced Technologies International, Inc., Richardson, TX

In our first article for TRIZ Journal we analyzed application of 40 Inventive tricks in Construction (1). But Theory of Inventing Problem-Solving (TRIZ) gave inventors … Read More

Transfer Ready Ideas from Outside to Home-building. TRIZ Helps to Find Solutions from Other Industries.

10/07/2005 |

By: Kalevi Rantanen By Kalevi Rantanen TRIS OY Brahenk. 9 E 18 FIN-20100 TURKU, FINLAND Phone +358 2 251 1623 Mobile +358 50 548 7834 E-mail:

This paper tells how to transfer best ideas to housing and construction … Read More

Review: Systematic Innovation Newsletter by CREAX

07/07/2005 |

Reviewed by: Ralph Czerepinski, Marco Aurelio de Carvahlo

Details: Free, on-line. Past issues are linked together. Go to to subscribe, or to to see one issue.

Since the beginning of 2005, those of us fortunate to be … Read More

TRIZ Improvement Of Rotary Compressor Design

04/07/2005 |

By: Valery Krasnoslobodtsev, Jun-Young Lee, Jeong-Bae Lee

ABSTRACT A rotary compressor with variable capacity is used in air conditioners. An air conditioner is a key product of mass production of Digital Appliance Business of Samsung Electronics Company. Therefore the improvement … Read More