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Monthly Archives: February 2005

Information Newsletter of the International TRIZ Association

26/02/2005 |

I. Official Information maintain

Attestation and Certification

Issue of certificates to the regional representatives According to the decision of Presidium of MATRIZ, the grant of certificates entitling the carriage of attestation for MATRIZ regional representatives has been started. The Methodology … Read More

Altshuller Institute for TRIZ – Studies Newsletter Studies Newsletter

22/02/2005 |

Dear Ellen, Record numbers of Newsletter participants! In little more that a year in existence, the AI Newsletter reaches over 1,000 subscribers. I believe that this reflects a meaningful level of interest in TRIZ, the Institute and our message. I … Read More

Altshuller Institute for TRIZ – Studies Newsletter TRIZ — the next Evolution in Problem Solving

20/02/2005 |

Dear Ellen, Happy New Year !!! With the beginning of a new year, we are also using a new and upgraded format for our ENewsletter. I hope that you like the new format. The Institute expects that 2005 will be … Read More

Innovative Boxing Gloves Using TRIZ

16/02/2005 |

MICHAEL S. SLOCUM, Ph.D., T.Sc., M.B.B. Adjunct Professor

Abstract Boxing is unique among sporting activities in that victory is obtained by inflicting on the opponent such a measure of physical injury that he is unable to continue, or which … Read More

Support – Sustainable Innovation Tools Fostering methodical Product and Process Development by Combining TRIZ Tools and Sustainable Development

15/02/2005 |

Jürgen Jantschgi Industrial Liaison Department, University of Leoben

Darrell Mann Systematic Innovation Ltd

Abstract Strengthening innovation power in European companies as well as encouraging sustainable development are two of the main future goals of the EU (see Lisbon … Read More

TRIZ as a Lean Thinking Tool

07/02/2005 |

Sergei Ikovenko GEN3Partnets, MA TRIZ, MIT ;

Jim Bradley International Truck & Engine Corporation

Abstract: Lean Thinking is a highly evolved method of managing an organization to improve the productivity, efficiency and quality of its products or … Read More

The Next Common Sense: Philosophy-Level Integration of TRIZ Into an Inegrated Business And Management Innovation Process

02/02/2005 |

By: Darrell Mann Systematic Innovation Ltd

Abstract The article describes a philosophy-level integration between different innovation-related methodologies. The article illustrates the high level of convergence between techniques that have started from quite independent roots. It also describes some of … Read More