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Monthly Archives: August 2004

Call for Paper – TRIZ-Publication Project

28/08/2004 |

The German TRIZ-online Team is planning the publication of a TRIZ book. The intention of this book is to demonstrate the multiple capabilities of TRIZ in all facetts. By gathering articles from TRIZexperts of all areas it shall give a … Read More

The Analysis of 2002 Chinese Inventive Patent Based on TRIZ

26/08/2004 |

By: Zhang Jianhui, Yang Bojun and Tan Runhua Institute of Design for Innovation, Hebei University of Technology Tianjin, 300130, P.R.China Tel: +86-022-26564871 E-mail:

Abstract: A large part of the strength and power of TRIZ exists because the methodology was … Read More

G. Altshuller Foundation Multilingual Thesaurus

25/08/2004 |

Dear Ellen Domb, I am sending you information about one of the project of the G.Altshuller Foundation Maybe this information will be useful for readers of the TRIZ-journal. Best regards, Yuna Komarcheva – – – – – … Read More

TRIZ Future Forecast

24/08/2004 |

By: Alexey Zakharov

Abstract For the TRIZ development forecast the possibility to use some TRIZ diagrams (schemes, flowcharts, etc.) was investigated.

Introduction The topic “The TRIZ development by TRIZ methods” had appeared on April 07, 2004, on the forum … Read More


22/08/2004 |

By: Dr. Rod Kuhn King By Dr. Rod Kuhn King ( President Ideal-Solutions Management Consultancy 7625 North First Street #195 Fresno, California USA Tel.:1-559-435 2996

ABSTRACT In strategic planning, SWOT analysis is the most common technique for situation analysis … Read More

Causes = Effects?(1)

15/08/2004 |

By: Ed Sickafus Ntelleck, LLC, Grosse Ile, MI, USA (734) 676-3594,

Early in teaching USIT (2) to industrial technologists it became clear that finding root causes, in problems brought to class, often was a difficult task. This was … Read More

MEET – OPEN PROBLEMS: Two cases from practice

13/08/2004 |

By Anatoly Guin, Universal Solver Lab, Head

Thirty “brains” – winners of school Olympiads – were combat-ready. They had just been given problems to solve, and the countdown had begun… Twenty minutes later I came up to one apparently … Read More

TRIZ and Software Fini

10/08/2004 |

By: Ron Fulbright Director, Information Management & Systems University of South Carolina Spartanburg Spartanburg, SC 29302

1 Introduction In [1] and [2], Rea discusses software engineering analogs to Altshuller’s 40 principles of innovation. However, Rea did not list analogs … Read More

Some Principles Are More Common Than Others – 40 Management Principles In Frequency Order

02/08/2004 |

By: Darrell Mann

CREAX Phone: +44 7980 864028

Introduction Preceding the official launch of the business and management version of the Hands -On Systematic Innovation book (Reference 1), this article examines some of the research conducted for the book … Read More