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Monthly Archives: July 2004

Letter to the Editor Re: [TRIZUK] TRIZ dictionary

30/07/2004 |

From: Date: 6/17/2004, 7:04 AM Re: [TRIZUK] TRIZ dictionary

Dear Sirs! My name is Yuna Komarcheva, and I am the granddaughter of G.S. Altshuller, the creator of TRIZ.

The G.S. Altshuller official fund was set up in … Read More

TRIZ Home Page in Japan – Updated (Jun. 16, 2004) (Announcement)

28/07/2004 |

From: Toru Nakagawa, Date: 6/17/2004, 10:42 AM Re: “TRIZ Home Page in Japan” Updated (Jun. 16, 2004) (Announcement)

Dear TRIZ Colleagues,

“TRIZ Home Page in Japan” (English pages and Japanese pages) has been updated on June 16, 2004. … Read More

ETRIA – Call for Paper – Final Announcement – 4th TRIZ Future Conference

25/07/2004 |

Florence (Italy), November 3-5, 2004

TRIZ the “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving” is a living science and a practical methodology: millions of patents have been examined and analysed to look for principles of innovation – to study the patterns of … Read More

Comparing The Classical and New Contradiction Matrix – Part 2- Zooming In

20/07/2004 |

By: Darrell Mann Director CREAX +44 7980 864028

Introduction This article represents the second of a pair examining the differences between the original Contradiction Matrix of Classical TRIZ (Reference 1) and the 2003 updated version (Reference 2). In this … Read More

ETRIA – What is going on with TRIZ?

20/07/2004 |

What is going on with TRIZ? In order to inform the members of ETRIA about activities in the field of innovation and especially TRIZ, we want to establish a Newsletter at least three times per year. The ideas and proposals … Read More

Book Review: How To Develop Winning New Product Ideas Systematically

17/07/2004 |

By: Roni Horowitz, Reviewed by Larry Ball, and John Terninko, Edited by Ellen Domb Details: 145 pages. Published in April, 2004, as an e-book in PDF format. Download from for US$57.

Editor’s note: We invited two reviewers to … Read More

Mapping the Innovation Space One: Novel Tools for Problem Definition in Product Innovation

16/07/2004 |

By: Barry Winkless, Dr. John Cooney

Barry Winkless Hdip, MSc ( Dr. John Cooney ( Altran Technologies Ireland.

Abstract The following article introduces and describes two novel problem definition tools. The tools include the Concurrent Problem Definition Tool, and the … Read More

innotool – Innovation Toolbox For SMEs

15/07/2004 |

By: Darrell Mann

The Innotool project is an EU-funded research programme aimed at developing innovation tools specifically for use by SMEs. Project lead comes from the Industrial Liaison department at the University of Leoben in Austria. Partners involved in the … Read More

Case Study Based on TRIZ: Speedy Cutting off Valve

12/07/2004 |

By: Cao Guozhong, Tan Runhua, Zhang Ruihong

Institute of Design for Innovation, Hebei University of Technology Tianjin, 300130, P.R.China Tel: +86-022-2656-4871 E-mail:

Abstract: After investigating the operation of the TRT system of the blast furnace and analyzing the structure … Read More

A Typical Example of Innovative Design Based on the TRIZ

08/07/2004 |

By: Feng Yuan, T.Y. Wang

Feng Yuan Tianjin University Tianjin 300072,China

T.Y. Wang Tianjin University Tianjin 300072,China

Abstract This article introduced a concept design of a machine used to bottle paint. Some technical contradictions occurred in the design, … Read More

TRIZ Talk: Three Communication Networks

04/07/2004 | There are three communications networks active in the English-speaking TRIZ community right now, and all host interesting discussions, and invite new participants of every level of TRIZ—new beginner through advanced expert. I have asked the hosts of each system … Read More

Creative Design Of Wafer Transport Mechanism

02/07/2004 |

By: Long-Chang Hsieh and Hsin-Sheng Lee

Long-Chang Hsieh and Hsin-Sheng Lee, Department of Power Mechanical Engineering, National Huwei University of Science and Technology Yunlin, TAIWAN

Abstract At present, the vacuum robot commonly used by semiconductor factories can be roughly … Read More