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Monthly Archives: May 2004

Achieving International Competitiveness through establishment of TRIZ workstation in R & D units of Iranian Industries

28/05/2004 |

Keywords: Innovative Knowledge Management (IKM), TRIZ, International competitiveness, creative problem solving workstation in R & D.

Abstract: The brainwave power as a result of technological human ware endeavor and the knowledge management are the greatest factors of international competitiveness of … Read More

To the Editor, TRIZ Journal

17/05/2004 |

To the Editor, TRIZ Journal, I came across TRIZ quite by chance late in 2003 when it was stated by an outside agency that, were they to be employed to assist our company in resolving some specific manufacturing difficulties, then … Read More

Asymmetry becomes more and more usual

15/05/2004 |

Introduction A short time ago I have raised the attention from Roni Horowitz on an article about asymmetry in the Japanese longbow and he commented this article in his newsletter “ASIT technique for a week Issue 161.” Then I received … Read More

How the Horse Leg and the Marine Sponge Can Help Us to Increase Innovation. Learning from Nature

10/05/2004 |

Models from nature, like a horse bone and a marine sponge, help to find new engineering solutions. Biological examples are also useful in the study of innovative methodology. Genrih Altshuller wrote already in 1950s: “In many cases, technical contradictions encountered … Read More

ASIT Case Study: Parking Problems

04/05/2004 |

Editor’s note: Dr. Roni Horowitz, author of the ASIT newsletter, and a frequent contributor to The TRIZ Journal, asked his newsletter readers to contribute their case studies. Then, more than a thousand readers voted on the best cases. The TRIZ … Read More

TRIZ Solutions For Systems Dynamics Models Of A Small Community Downtown Revitalization Project

02/05/2004 |

ABSTRACT The analysis of complex systems with multiple simultaneously dynamic variables can be addressed with Causal Loop or System Dynamics models. These models can provide an initial assessment of the operation and functionality of the existing or proposed elements of … Read More

Process Modeling, Simulation, and TRIZ: An Innovative and Symbiotic Solution

01/05/2004 |

ABSTRACT The application of TRIZ necessitates the analysis and understanding of a process [1] [2]. In this spectrum of understanding, the process is either: 1. not very well understood at all (unfortunately, all to often); or 2. understood but not … Read More