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Monthly Archives: April 2004

International TRIZ Association (MA TRIZ)

26/04/2004 |

Editor’s note: This item is also listed in the Calendar section of The TRIZ Journal.

Information Letter As TRIZ is getting more and more widely and actively used by the leading industrial corporations, prominent educational institutions and engineering community all … Read More

First gathering of the SIT Innovation Community in the Netherlands

25/04/2004 |

First gathering of the SIT Innovation Community in the Netherlands From the ASIT newsletter,

* * * * A Special Message for our Dutch readers * * * *

Based in the Netherlands? Interested in systematic innovation? On June … Read More


24/04/2004 |

ALTSHULLER INSTITUTE for TRIZ Studies *** With deepest sorrow… *** Valentina Nikolaevna Zhuravleva, Genrick Altshuller’s widow, passed away last Friday (March 12) in a Russian hospital. I know that you are as saddened by this news as we are. I … Read More

Organization News: In memory of Valentina Nikolaevna

24/04/2004 |

March 12, 2004 Information letter #8/2004

International TRIZ Association announces with deep regret the death of Valentina N. Zhuravleva who was the wife and associate of TRIZ author – Henry S. Altshuller. Valentina Zhuravleva dedicated her whole life to work … Read More

Book Review: Effective Innovation: The Development of Winning Technologies

23/04/2004 |

ISBN 0-7918-0203-5 Hard cover, 247 pages, with index Cost: $69 ($55 for ASME members) or £56.00 Published simultaneously by ASME Press (US) and Professional Engineering Publishing (UK) We are borrowing The American Society for Training and Development book … Read More

quiero tener sexo contigo

23/04/2004 |

Industrial application of TRIZ delivers more breakthroughs to less cost – if the right tools are applied at the right time and place. Pavel Livotov, Ph. D. TriSolver oHG, Hanover, Germany,

Despite best efforts of the last decade, … Read More

TRIZ Diaries

22/04/2004 |

As the end of year approached it was time yet again to think about next year’s diary. Still an advocate of the little book rather than electronic wizardry, I looked around for a 2004 diary and became a little disappointed … Read More

Is TRIZ Useful For Generating Ecological Mitigation Solutions?

20/04/2004 |

1. INTRODUCTION This investigation evaluates the use of TRIZ as a tool for generating ecological mitigation solutions. Prior to the study, no UK ecologists had either heard of or were using TRIZ. The main theme and purpose of the research, … Read More

ASIT Case Study: The Bicycle I-Lock

19/04/2004 |

Editor’s note: Dr. Roni Horowitz, author of the ASIT newsletter, and a frequent contributor to The TRIZ Journal, asked his newsletter readers to contribute their case studies. Then, more than a thousand readers voted on the best cases. The TRIZ … Read More

Limiting Contradictions In A Photographic Paper Manufacturing Process

16/04/2004 |

Introductions Engineering systems, and particularly their associated production manufacture operations, are subject to limits in their fundamental capability. Understanding how and why these limits occur is an essential precursor to overcoming them. This article builds on previous work examining the … Read More

TRIZ-Based Technology Intelligence

14/04/2004 |

Abstract: “The intensified technological Darwinism demands new thinking!” Technologies are the central and success-determining factors of every technology-oriented company. To ensure a solid and sustainable technological base that also withstands rapidly changing market requirements, an early focus on high-potential and … Read More

40 Inventive Principles with Applications in Education

12/04/2004 |

Introduction Recent TRIZ research has resulted in extending TRIZ applications into non-technical areas. The Contradiction Matrix and corresponding 40 Principles have found applications in several areas, for example business (Mann & Domb, 1999) and (Mann, 1999), service operations management (Zhang, … Read More

School-factory will die. What’s on? (Education during the change of civilizations)

10/04/2004 |

Why is the traditional school arranged just so and not in another way? Why is just this system of teaching so claimed and firm? Nature is not sparing of variety. We all are so various – even those of us … Read More

Serious changes in the educational system are waiting for us (Essay on the new function of education)

07/04/2004 |

What to teach? From the very beginning the main function of education was to reproduce the society’s culture and to hand down the culture to the next generation. Culture is the total of the stereotypes of behaviour, accepted in the … Read More

Comparing The Classical and New Contradiction Matrix – Part 1- Zooming Out

01/04/2004 |

Introduction This article represents the first of a pair examining the differences between the original Contradiction Matrix of Classical TRIZ (Reference 1) and the new version based on the analysis of 150,000 patents issued between 1985-2003 published in ‘Matrix 2003’ … Read More