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Monthly Archives: March 2004

The 10th International Symposium

22/03/2004 |

The Latin American QFD Society supported by the International Council for QFD, an alliance of QFD practitioners and researchers from various countries that coordinates QFD events world wide, is issuing a call for papers to be presented in Monterrey, … Read More

Orginazation News

21/03/2004 |

ALTSHULLER INSTITUTE for TRIZ Studies NewsletterTRIZ – the next Evolution in Innovation (February 2004)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

February is half over. Winter is dragging its feet with cold temperatures and windy skies. Can TRIZCON2004 be far away? This annual springtime event is … Read More

Beetles, Chains And Radar Plots

20/03/2004 |

Darrell Mann Director CREAX UK +44 7980 864028

This case study is inspired by recent work reported in Professional Engineering (Reference 1). The report describes the use of ideas evolved by the bombardier beetle to help solve … Read More

The Undervalued Innovation Potential

19/03/2004 |

Pavel Livotov, Ph. D. TriSolver Group, Hanover, Germany,

Despite best efforts of the last decade, 60 to 70 percent of all initiatives pursued by the European companies to integrate TRIZ into their innovation process are abandoned or fail, … Read More

Case Study in AD And TRIZ: A Paper Machine

19/03/2004 |

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Applying the TRIZ Principles of Technological Evolution to Customer Requirement Based Vehicle Concepts – Experience Report –

14/03/2004 |

Dr. Eckhard Schueler-Hainsch and Dr. Christine Ahrend DaimlerChrysler Society and Technology Research Group Berlin, Germany

Introduction One of the major tasks of the DaimlerChrysler „Society and Technology Research Group – STRG“ is observing the development of the … Read More

The Study of Problem Solving by TRIZ and Taguchi Methodology in Automobile Muffler Designation

13/03/2004 |

Tzann-Dwo Wu Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Management, Tung-Nan Institute of Technology Taipei, 222, Taiwan

Abstract Deming developed a new quality-improving concept, which extended quality inspection to statistic process control (SPC). Taguchi is further to improve quality techniques … Read More

Hot Cappuccino Anyone?

10/03/2004 |

José M. Vicente-Gomila Assoc Prof. Polytechnic University of Valencia (U.P.V.) Project Eng. & Innovation Dept.;(Proyectos de Ingeniería) Co-Director of Triz XXI, S.L. P.O. Box 12122; E- 46080; Valencia, Spain

Abstract The author shows a simple case … Read More

Integrating Trend Impact Analysis Methods With Trend Evolution of Technological Systems in Order to Improve Innovation Development Strategies. A Theoretical and Application Study.

02/03/2004 |

By Barry Winkless BSc, Dip, MSc Altran Technologies Ireland Web: Phone: + 353 87 97 20 544.

1. Abstract The following paper proposes the integration of Trend Impact Analysis with selected TRIZ methodologies and patent based … Read More