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Monthly Archives: February 2004

Organization News

26/02/2004 |

Address to the heads of local TRIZ organizations,members of these organizations, the ones who study TRIZ. Dear colleagues!

As you know the Conference of the International TRIZ Association which took place in 2003 (Petrozavodsk) adopted recommendation on creating research laboratories. … Read More

Book Review: Pocket TRIZ for Six Sigma

20/02/2004 |

Reviewed by: Larry Ball, Thomas Kling, Paul Sheehy

The editors wanted the readers to get opinions directly from people who would use this book or refer others to it.

Pocket TRIZ for Six Sigma fulfills its name. It is small … Read More

TRIZ for People: Psychological Aspects

17/02/2004 |

By: Nelly Kozyreva

Executive Summary TRIZ and NLP – two the most powerful methodologies for increasing people’s creative level and efficiency of their activity. They appeared and develop independently one from another in the second part of 20 century1, however … Read More

Constraint-dominated Breakthrough Innovation in a Manufacturing Process Situation (a Case Study from the Photographic Paper Manufacture Industry)

15/02/2004 |

By: Ian Mitchell, Darrell Mann

Abstract All systems hit limits. All attempts to try and improve a system that has hit its fundamental limit are destined to fail. In such situations, additional improvement can only be achieved by making changes … Read More

Innovative Process Chain Optimization – Utilizing the Tools of TRIZ and Toc for Manufacturing

13/02/2004 |

By: Tilo Pfeifer, Martin Tillmann

Abstract The enormous potential of process innovation and optimization is often undervalued. In order to stay competitive organizations are forced to adapt quality of products and production to permanently growing requirements. Modern manufacturing processes need … Read More

Integrating TRIZ and Other Methodologies in Product/process Re-engineering

11/02/2004 |

By: Pierluigi Petrali

Abstract A structured workflow for an integrated product/process optimization is presented. This workflow is intended mainly for cost-reducing objectives and is based on an integrated usage of different methodologies along with TRIZ.

Introduction It’s well known that … Read More

Deaf People As Pioneers of Video Technology: How to Use Evolution Patterns and the Lead User Concept

10/02/2004 |

By: Kalevi Rantanen

Evolution patterns, studied by Genrich Altshuller and the concept of lead users, introduced by Eric von Hippel, can be effectively used together. One can foresee the possible changes and to get new ideas. The case of video … Read More

Semantic TRIZ

05/02/2004 |

By: Mikhail Verbitsky, Ph.D., Sc.D.

1. Introduction: Postulates of TRIZ and their implementation in software. The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, better known in the engineering world by its Russian abbreviation TRIZ (e.g., [1]) has been widely acknowledged as an … Read More