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Monthly Archives: January 2004

TRIZ Association News: MATRIZ, Altshuller Institute Altshuller Institute

30/01/2004 |

Official Information Official News On the 15th of October, the birthday of Genrich Saulovich Altshuller, we celebrated International TRIZ Day. On this Day G.S. Altshuller would turn 77. In many cities, this Day was marked by conferences, publications and … Read More

Two New Games That Teach Children and Their Parents ASIT (From a Kid’s Perspective)

23/01/2004 |

The Puzzling Mysteries and the Puzzling Time Quest games are both cool and exiting ways to learn four problem solving techniques. The games are published by Compedia and the website is These games may be purchased by going to … Read More

Book Review: Breakthrough Inventing With TRIZ, Second Edition. By: Larry Ball

21/01/2004 |

Loose leaf notebook, 80 pages. Available from the Products and Services page of The TRIZ Journal as a free download for individual study, or in a printed version in full color for $24.95.

The purpose of most book reviews … Read More

Breakthrough Thinking with TRIZ

21/01/2004 |

Study & Observe It takes some time and effort to come up to speed on a problem. Lots of questions need to be asked. Do not rely on the experience of others. Gain firsthand experience of the difficulties and … Read More

Supplement to Breakthrough Thinking with TRIZ 2nd Edition

20/01/2004 |

Breakthrough Thinking with TRIZ provides step-by-step instructions on how to improve technical systems. It reads like a pictorial recipe book, starting on the upper left of each page and ending at the lower right. Viewing this book in electronic format … Read More

Transformation Of Structurally Similar Elements Of Technical System

20/01/2004 |

Selecting analogs One of the fundamental ideas of TRIZ is that all technical systems evolve in accordance with objective cognizable laws. These laws underlie all the principle solving TRIZ tools, first of all, Principles of Technical Contradiction Solving, Standards for … Read More

Solving Contradictions Problems Related To Safety Integration In Design Process

18/01/2004 |

Abstract: Taking into account of safety on both design and exploitation levels highlights management contradictions comprising technical, economic or human aspects. For example the choice of powerful but expensive technical solution on design level, could has an immediate benefit and/or … Read More

Proposal of an object-oriented model of the physical contradiction to facilitate the problem-framing phase in design

15/01/2004 |

Executive Summary

In this article, we present our study on the building of an object-oriented model to represent the physical contradiction. This model is based on the specification of objects, which are the basic elements of representation, rules linking the … Read More

Wind Energy Evolution And Expectations: A typical case of gigantism.

09/01/2004 |

1. Introduction A technological system evolves through periods of infancy, growth, maturity and deline. Figure

Let’s compare the different renewable energies (and their S-curve), which are formed by: -Hydraulic energy. (Old Age period) -Wind energy. (Growth period) -Solar energy. … Read More

Innovation Process As A Key To The Market Success In The Engine Manufacturing Business

03/01/2004 |

ABSTRACT In the coming years, the aircraft industry is faced not only with a rising traffic volume together with an adjustment to large market fluctuations, but also to an increasing demand for environmental protection and more aggressive cost pressure. In … Read More