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Monthly Archives: December 2002

Evolving TRIZ Using TRIZ and NLP/Neurosemantics

24/12/2002 |

By: Denis Bridoux and Darrell Mann

Denis Bridoux NLP & Neuro-Semantics Practitioner Halifax, UK Phone: +44 1422 343165 Fax: +44 1422 251296 E-mail:

Darrell Mann Industrial Fellow University of Bath, UK Phone: +44 (1225) 826465 Fax: +44 (1225) 826928 … Read More

TRIZ and Design

16/12/2002 |

Graham Rawlinson

If you have read articles on TRIZ by me before you will know that one thing I like to do is apply TRIZ to everyday life. I have reported in previous journals ideas relating to TRIZ … Read More

Converging in Problem Formulation : A Different Path in Design

10/12/2002 |

By: Denis Cavallucci and Philippe Lutz


Philippe LUTZ


Laboratoire de Recherche en Productique de Strasbourg (LRPS) ENSAIS F-67084 STRASBOURG Cedex tél. : 03 88 14 47 00 Fax : 03 88 14 47 … Read More

Radical Innovation and Design Research

08/12/2002 |

By: Kari T. Eloranta, Asko Riitahuhta and Mikko Karvinen

1. Aims and objectives Global competition has forced companies to redesign themselves (Leifer et al., 2000). The goal of redesign has been to strengthen a company’s position as one of leading … Read More

Some Personal Thoughts on Contradictions

04/12/2002 |

By: Brian Campbell

In this short article I have given my personal views of contradictions based on three years of using TRIZ. Hopefully it will generate some comments.

There is only one Contradiction

Read More

The Importance of Time Dependence in Functional Modeling

02/12/2002 |

By: Joe Miller and Ellen Domb

Joe Miller Quality Process Consulting, USA

Ellen Domb The PQR Group, USA

Abstract Several methods of modeling systems are common in TRIZ for problem solving, system simplification, and improvement. Subject – Action– Object models … Read More