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Monthly Archives: August 2001

The Role of TRIZ in Technology Development

25/08/2001 |

Don P. Clausing Retired from the Center for Innovation in Product Development Massachusetts Institute of Technology Can be reached at Keynote talk at TRIZCON2001, The Altshuller Institute Conference


We all believe … Read More

Any Colour You Like As Long As It’s The One You Want: TRIZ and Customisable Foods

22/08/2001 |

Darrell Mann University of Bath, UK Tel: +44 1225 826465 Email:

Barry Winkless University College Cork, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Tel: (087) 9720544 Email:

“Customers, whether consumers or business, do … Read More

From TRIZ to ASIT in 4 Steps

20/08/2001 |

(The first in a series of three articles describing ASIT and its uses)

Dr. Roni Horowitz 10 Dov Friedman Street, Ramat Gan

Israel. Email:

Web site:

ASIT (Advanced Systematic Inventive Thinking) is … Read More

TRIZ and Inventing an Anti-Gravity Machine!

15/08/2001 |

Graham Rawlinson – Phone +44 (0) 1252 330121 NSA, 12 St Peters Park, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 3AU, UK

Those who have read my other TRIZ articles, on “TRIZ and How to Stop Tornadoes”, and “TRIZ and decorating”, know … Read More

Humanitarian De-mining and TRIZ (a Response to the March TRIZ Challenge)

05/08/2001 |

Dr. David Levy

Editor: Dr. Michael Slocum

The TRIZ Challenge from March was on Landmines. Here is the background information provided by Ian Care:

Landmines cost less than $3 each, the new ones are predominately … Read More