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Monthly Archives: June 2001

40 Inventive Principles for Social Applications

25/06/2001 |

Editor’s note: John Terninko sent this note with the accompanying list of examples of social applications of the 40 principles: One day two years ago I was sitting around realizing that there was little demonstrated use of TRIZ to social … Read More

The Space Between ‘Generic’ and ‘Specific’ Problem Solutions

18/06/2001 |

Darrell Mann Industrial Fellow Department Of Mechanical Engineering University Of Bath Phone: +44 (1225) 826465 Fax: +44 (1225) 826928 E-mail:


Since its introduction to the West … Read More

Essence of TRIZ in 50 Words

15/06/2001 |

By Toru Nakagawa, Osaka Gakuin University

An answer to the question “What is the essence of TRIZ?” stated in 50 words and then explained in 2 pages. See the “TRIZ Home Page … Read More


13/06/2001 |

First presented at TRIZCON2001, The Altshuller Institute, March, 2001

Michael Schlueter Philips Semiconductors Stresemannallee 101, D-22529 Hamburg GERMANY Phone: +49 40 5613 3423; Fax: +49 40 5613 3392 Email:


Read More

TRIZ For Children: Press Release

05/06/2001 |

“TRIZ Home Page in Japan” has been updated: (1) Course Material: CID Course for Children (3): 1st Grade, 2nd Semester, “Fairy Tales School” (Guidebook & Workbook) Topics 1 to 5 (Finished) by Natalia V. Rubina (Petrozavodsk), English translation by … Read More

TRIZ Challenge – June 2001

02/06/2001 |

We challenge you to use your TRIZ skills and your knowledge to help solve a humanitarian or social problem. We hope that you will submit your results for publication in the TRIZ journal. Every few months we will set a … Read More