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Monthly Archives: August 2000

Approaches to Application of TRIZ in Japan

19/08/2000 |

This article is published in The TRIZ Journal courtesy of the author Toru Nakagawa. It was originally published at: Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin University) TRIZCON2000: The Second Annual AI TRIZ Conference, Sheraton Tara, Nashua, NH, USA, Apr. 30 … Read More

A Comparison of TRIZ and Axiomatic Design

19/08/2000 |

This is part 1 of a 2-part article. Part 2 appeared in September, 2000. Compatiability Analysis and Case Studies of Axiomatic Design and TRIZ.

Kai Yang and Hongwei Zhang

Department of Industrial and Manufacturing … Read More

Edge Suck Off – Towards the Ideal System

15/08/2000 |

First published in the Proceedings of the Altshuller Institute TRIZCON 2000, May, 2000.

Ian F Mitchell Ilford Imaging UK Ltd


During the slide bead coating process a thick edge of … Read More

Review: TRIZ Explorer Software

14/08/2000 |

Ellen Domb,

Title: TRIZ Explorer™

Publisher: Insytec B.V., The Netherlands.

Cost: US$145 or US$195 packaged with the book TRIZ: The Right Solution at the Right Time: A … Read More

Examples of the Election Stratagems in Israel

13/08/2000 |

Jacob Skir

As told before (see,

Sergey Faer elaborated and published 73 stratagems for election campaign (see his book “Methods of Election Campaign Strategy and Tactics” (St. Petersburg, 1998) – One … Read More

Application of Triz Tools in a Non-Technical Problem Context

03/08/2000 |

This article is a modified and expanded version of a paper presented under the title ‘Systematic Innovation for Business Leaders’ at TRIZCON2000.

Darrell Mann Industrial Fellow, Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Bath … Read More