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Monthly Archives: February 2000

The Seventy six Standard Solutions, with Examples Section One

26/02/2000 |

By: John Terninko, Ellen Domb & Joe Miller

John Terninko ( Ellen Domb ( Joe Miller (

This is the first of 5 monthly appendices for the Standard Solutions. Yes, this is all public domain in the spirit of … Read More

Su-Field Analysis

20/02/2000 |

By: John Terninko Responsible Management Inc.

The following is taken from an improved chapter in my book Step-by-Step TRIZ. I apologize for not having it in the first edition. The following format can be used for a power point … Read More

Art: Inspiration or mathematical calculation?

17/02/2000 |

by Vladen Voronin Editors note: We decided that in this case, the medium (handwritten papers sent as JPEG files) was part of the message, so we are publishing this exactly as received. Vladen Voronin told us that since he … Read More

Teaching Inventive Thinking

15/02/2000 |

By: Daniel Raviv

Note: This paper was first published as “Teaching Inventive Thinking”, Recent Advances in Robotics Conference University of Florida, April 29-30, 1999. After a brief introduction of the method, students become very fruitful in generating many good … Read More

Book Review: “New Tools for Failure and Risk Analysis”

09/02/2000 |

by Ellen Domb,

Title: New Tools for Failure and Risk Analysis: Anticipatory Failure Determination ™ and the Theory of Scenario Structuring

Authors: Stan Kaplan, Ph.D., Svetlana Visnepolschi, Boris Zlotin, Alla Zusman

Soft Cover, 83 pages, US$35, ISBN 1-928747-05-1

Published by … Read More

Trimming Evolution Patterns For Complex Systems

05/02/2000 |

Editor’s note: Darrell Mann and the editors are very interested in collecting case studies that could prove or disprove the hypothesis presented here. Readers are invited to share their experiences, either by sending them to Darrell Mann, or by writing … Read More