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Monthly Archives: June 1999

Use of TRIZ in the Development Process – Zero-Defect-Development for Customer Centered Innovative Products

20/06/1999 |

Veit KohnhauserTechnical University of ViennaDepartment of Applied

In today’s business world, successful companies must standtheir ground in an extremely competitive environment and must constantly adapttheir products to new market demands. At the same time the … Read More

Smart Garment For Firefighters

17/06/1999 |

Figure 1. Two firemen under strenuous conditions

Smart Garment For Firefighters

Severine Gahide Graduate program North Carolina State University Final Project TE 589 Spring 1999

Under the Direction of: Dr. Michael S. Slocum Adjunct … Read More

Gold Recovering and Biological Effect

10/06/1999 |

by Jacob

Key ideas: Intermediary, chemical effect, “nested doll”, biological effect

The problem of gold mining is displayed as a string ofproblems. First, you use the Intermediary Principle, then you solve the problemby … Read More

Axiomatic Design And TRIZ: Compatibilities and Contradictions

05/06/1999 |

*Part 2 of this article, with case studies, willappear in the July, 1999 issue of The TRIZ Journal (

Darrell MannIndustrial Fellow, Department Of MechanicalEngineeringUniversity Of Bath, Bath, BA2 7AY, UKPhone: +44 (1225) 826465Fax: +44 (1225) 826928E-mail:

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