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Monthly Archives: May 1999

An Integrated Operational Knowledge Base (System of Operators) and the Innovation Workbench System Software

22/05/1999 |

Boris Zlotin and Alla ZusmanSeptember 22, 1992Kishinev, Moldova

Translation and comments by Alla Zusman August, 1998© 1998 Ideation International Inc.May 1, 1999


Operator – a transformation as denoted by a TRIZ principle, method, standardsolution, … Read More

The Seventy-Six Standard Solutions: How They Relate to the 40 Principles of Inventive Problem Solving

20/05/1999 |

Ellen Domb, John Terninko, john@terninko.comJoe Miller, jam@mcs.netEllen MacGran,

The “76 Standard Solutions” of TRIZ were compiled by G.S. Altshuller and his associates between 1975 and1985. They are grouped into 5 large categories as follows:

1. Improving the system … Read More

Product Differentiation Strategies Incorporating TRIZ Methodology

19/05/1999 |

Product Differentiation Strategies Incorporating TRIZ Methodology

* First presented at the Altshuller InstituteConference “TRIZCON99” March 7-8, 1999

Steven F. UngvariStrategic Product Innovations, Inc.TRIZCON99 March 7-9, 1999 Novi Michigan


In the 1980s industries in North … Read More

Book Review: TRIZ: The Right Solution at the Right Time

17/05/1999 |

Ellen Domb,

Title: TRIZ: The Right Solution at the Right Time: A Guide to Innovative Problem Solving

Author: Yuri Salamatov, edited and adapted by Valeri Souchkov, translated by Maria Strogaia and Sergei Yakovlev. Technical editor Michael Slocum.

Publisher: Insytec B.V., … Read More

Breakthrough Innovation In Conflict Resolution: Marrying TRIZ and the Thinking Process

15/05/1999 |

* First published in the Proceedings of the APICS Constraint Management Special Interest Group, March 1999

Ellen Domb H. William Dettmer

Copyright © H. William Dettmer and Ellen Domb


Since Goldratt introduced the logical thinking process as … Read More

The Dilemma of Improving Quality In New Product Development

01/05/1999 |

First presented at the Altshuller Institute Conference “TRIZCON99” March 7-8, 1999

This article includes the following two attachments: Attachment1 Attachment2 Larry R. Smith, Ford Motor Company Boris Zlotin, Ideation International, Inc. Alla Zusman, Ideation International, Inc.

Abstract Winning companies improve … Read More