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Monthly Archives: October 1998

TRIZ Puzzles and Examples: Part 1 Universal Socket Wrench

19/10/1998 |

Jacob Skir E-mail:

Key Words:

Disintegration, Dynamization, Contradiction Solution in Structure

Imagine a car mechanic tells you about his problem. He makes use of a wrench (more correctly they call such a … Read More

TRIZ Puzzles and Examples: Part 2 Reader’s Solutions The Tiny Car

17/10/1998 |

Jacob Skir E-mail:

First of all, my congratulations to all the three readers for their understanding the TRIZ fundamental rule: not to insert new materials but to use the given ones.

  1. Mr. Jose … Read More

Integrating TRIZ-Based Methods into the Engineering Curriculum

17/10/1998 |

“This paper was first presented at the Invention Machine Company Users Group Meeting, June, 1998. The software is being used in the class to give the students experience with a variety of approaches to TRIZ.”

By Timothy … Read More

(TRIZ)OE = Improving TRIZ Results by Dynamically Matching Tools to Teams

16/10/1998 |

By: Steven F. Ungvari


Ever since its introduction to US Industry in the early 1990s, TRIZ has provided a fundamentally different approach to solving complex technological problems. TRIZ, the Russian … Read More

The Creative Person Development Theory: A review article

15/10/1998 |

Gregory Frenklach

Editor’s comments appear in italics, at Gregory’s request.

The work of building of the creative person development theory was begun nearly twenty years ago. One of the reasons to start this work … Read More

Creative Imagination Development

12/10/1998 |

Gregory Frenklach

Editor’s notes appear in italics, at Gregory’s request.

Here is a short review of certain methods, techniques and games which are included into TRIZ courses of Creative Imagination Development (CID). The majority of … Read More