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Monthly Archives: March 1998

ADVANCED TRIZ DEVELOPMENTS At the Leonardo da Vinci Institute (division of RLI, Inc.)

16/03/1998 |


James F. Kowalick Technical Director Voice: (916) 692-1944 E-mail:

(Dr. Kowalick is considered to be the leading American TRIZ master. He regularly teaches CREATING BREAKTHROUGH PRODUCTS, a two-day overview session for executives at … Read More


10/03/1998 |

Semyon D. Savransky*

The TRIZ Experts

“What would you do,” asked my neighbor, “when you find, in your own bed, your wife’s lover with another woman ?”

From “Unkempt Thoughts” by … Read More

Beyond TRIZ Limits

07/03/1998 |

By Denis CAVALLUCCI and Philippe LUTZ


As TRIZ method has an increasingly number of followers, we invite readers to take a few steps back when encountering the enthusiasm that it arouses. After discussions with these … Read More

Lateral thinking and The Problem Formulator

05/03/1998 |

Tore H. Wiik MSc, Nordak Innovatikk as

Lateral thinking is a thinking concept that was introduced by Edward De Bono more than 30 years. It is a supplement to the traditional analytical sequential thinking. Both are needed, and … Read More

Classifying the Technical Effects

01/03/1998 |

Gregory Frenklach

The Technical Effects Classification.

First of all let’s define what is an effect in the wide sense of this word.

Under “effect” we will understand the transformation which is characterized by its input, … Read More