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Wow In Music – Thing Called Love

15/01/2020 |

Darrell Mann

This section of the ezine feels more and more like a Hall of Fame for under-appreciated musicians. We continue the theme this month with John Hiatt, surely one of the greatest American singer-songwriters of the last fifty years. … Read More

Best of The Month – Never Split The Difference

08/01/2020 |

Darrell Mann

For a long while, my ‘go-to’ book when it came to negotiation theory was the same go-to book as the rest of the world, ‘Getting To Yes’ by Fisher and Ury. At the same time, I also know … Read More

Not So Funny – Merging

01/01/2020 |

Darrell Mann

We’ve had occasion to examine the power of Inventive Principle 5, Merging, several times in the past. The trick with using this Principle is to find combinations that are non-obvious, but at the same time where the elements … Read More

Short Thort

30/12/2019 |

Darrell Mann

If the problem is Complicated, the Five Pillars of (technical) TRIZ are sufficient. The moment the problem becomes complex, two additional Pillars need to be brought to bear if the problem is to be solved effectively:


Read More