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Not So Funny – TRIZ Before TRIZ

13/02/2019 |

Darrell Mann

TRIZ research started after the Second World War. The ethos of the research originated around the reverse engineering of successful patents and inventive solutions. What’s less clear is whether there was any parallel inverse research to establish whether … Read More

Best of The Month – Wait

06/02/2019 |

Darrell Mann

Almost everywhere you go, in Operational Excellence world at least, the word ‘procrastination’ is a bad one. If someone accuses you of being a procrastinator, you can be sure they’re not complimenting you. We’ve argued in the ezine … Read More

Short Thort

30/01/2019 |

Darrell Mann

“Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing” is a well-known evolution pattern in teams. The sequence forms the first half of an s-curve. Few teams think about the second half…

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Biology – Hedgehog

27/01/2019 |

Darrell Mann

We love hedgehogs here at SI HQ. Despite the fact that helping to feed them can get expensive when a family of twenty-plus taking refuge in our garden decide they like only the best cat food, and only … Read More