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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Information: A Key Resource

25/01/2010 |

Jack Hipple

Many of you may have seen Google’s earnings report announced on Friday, January 22. In the 4th quarter of 2009, their sales (just one quarter!) were $6.7 BILLION and profits of $2 BILLION. This was 5 times the profit … Read More

Day 3 Report: First International Conference on Systematic Innovation

25/01/2010 |

Ellen Domb

The conference banquet on Monday night was held in the university’s reception hall.   We sat at large round tables and shared many dishes, which enhanced the opportunities for conference delegates to get to know each other.  The banquet was … Read More

Day 2 Report: First International Conference on Systematic Innovation

24/01/2010 |

Ellen Domb

The tutorial speaker for day 2 at the Systematic Innovation Conference  is Professor Jay Lee, whose primary work is at the U. of Cincinnati in the US and Shanghai Jia Tong University in China.   His talk on “Dominant Design … Read More

Report from First International Conference on Systematic Innovation

23/01/2010 |

Ellen Domb

This conference has been planned for over a year, and features many innovations in conference organization, as well as the many papers, tutorials, and discussions of all aspects of systematic innovation.   For example, tutorial sessions were planned for Saturday … Read More

Teaching Innovation – Part II

10/01/2010 |

Praveen Gupta

About two years ago, I wrote a commentary on teaching innovation as it has been my passion to pursue, source of inspiration, and reason to develop teachable innovation methods. About the same time I also started teaching Business Innovation. … Read More

Innovation & The Economy in 2010

07/01/2010 |

Lynda Curtin

On December 7th this lively panel discussion was hosted on CSPAN by Mathew Bishop, Business Editor of The Economist. The panel of excellent innovators includes: Dean Kamen, Inventor, Segway; Kai Huang, Co-Founder, The Guitar Hero; Rob Carlson, Principal, Biodesic; … Read More

Innovation in the New Year

05/01/2010 |

Jack Hipple

We head into 2010 with uncertainty. Things look like they may be turning up a little, but many people are still cautious, considering all the financial turbulence. In times like this, it’s always best to fall back on things … Read More

Inventive Principles of TRIZ with China’s 36 Strategies

04/01/2010 |

There are striking similarities among the 36 strategies and the inventive principles of TRIZ. Both strive to derive solutions for difficult problems that maximize total benefits while minimizing costs and harmful side effects.Read More

Welcome to the January 2010 Issue of The TRIZ Journal

04/01/2010 |

We begin 2010 with one new author and one returning author – an appropriate mix of old and new for the beginning of a new year and a new decade.Read More

Tutorial: Filtering New Ideas with TRIZ in Automation

04/01/2010 |

This study proves that ordinary engineers can generate ideal solutions to real world design problems by applying basic level TRIZ methodology. It will also explore how TRIZ can be used to verify the accuracy of design solutions already conceived.Read More

Innovation Org Body

01/01/2010 |

Is there any overseeing innovation body that I can join? thank you.Read More

Transactional TRIZ

01/01/2010 |

Most general discussions on TRIZ focus on manufacturing environment. Is there a good reference on application of TRIZ to healthcare/services/transactional environment?Read More

Using a Contradiction Matrix

01/01/2010 |

I'm trying to learn TRIZ by myself, so bear with me here. I went through a cycle using the Contradiction Matrix to solve a problem, but I ended up with a whole bunch of new problems. Am I doing thRead More

Please Suggest a Review on Innovation Methodology

01/01/2010 |

Just begin to pay attention to this issue.It seems there are a lot of innovation methods, brainstorming, HRP, TRIZ. Any suggestion about a review (or reviews) on these methods, differeRead More

Inventory Vs. Speed

01/01/2010 |

Hello;I am working at the Strategy and Business Development Department of a textile factory, which produces fabrics. Nowadays, we are trying to plan and to execute a project that is basically about mRead More


01/01/2010 |

Are there awards for using particular innovation methods well? A TRIZ gold medal? Something for TILMAG?Read More

Moving into Innovation Role

01/01/2010 |

I'd like to move into a role of product development manager, but I've got the bsuiness knowledge and not product knowledge. Any advice?Read More

Why Does It Matter

01/01/2010 |

Its' all about innovation these days. But the world seems to have moved along pretty well until now without needing to focus on it. Do I really need to worry about it now? Wy?Read More

Did Anyone Read This?

01/01/2010 |

A man in California innovated his sellling practices and then the milk lobby fought for – and got – a federal law that made his innovation against the law. More

Who Should I Read

01/01/2010 |

Besides Clayton Christiansen, who are the 'innovation' experts I should read?Read More